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November 24, 2020

PM Orban: Government goal is to stem at all costs increase in COVID cases without affecting economic activity

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Wednesday said that the government’s goal should be to stem “at all costs” the increase in COVID cases without affecting economic activity, but at the same time firmly implement the decisions for the combat of the epidemic.

“As you can see, Europe is facing a dramatic increase in the number of coronavirus infections. Sure, the comparative situation with most EU countries could give us some satisfaction, but on the other hand let me tell you that we must be even more careful and vigilant in all our actions in the coming period in the battle against COVID-19. It is clear that many countries are facing almost inexplicable rises in the number of cases and we see that many European countries apply restrictions, almost similar to those during the first wave, which could affect the economy and trigger extremely negative social effects. Our goal must be to stem the increase in the number of cases at all costs, while obviously keeping the economy in a working state, without affecting the economic activity, without endangering the Romanians’ jobs, but at the same time to firmly implement all the decisions we took,” Orban said during the government meeting.

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