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December 7, 2022

The Byzantium wine range, produced by THE ICONIC ESTATE Winery, reveals its new visual identity: elegance, glory, mystery

The Byzantium wine range, produced by The ICONIC ESTATE Winery, part of Alexandrion Group, the largest producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages and wines in Romania, reveals its new visual identity shaped around elegance, glory and mystery which define the Byzantine Empire.

The new image illustrates the brand’s story with expressiveness, through a perfect harmonization of the representative elements for that era, authenticating the connection between wine and the historical aphorism “Byzantium conquers everything with its wine”. This new visual identity marks the uniqueness and originality of the range in the wide variety of wines in the same category.

Awarded with medals of excellence at international competitions, Byzantium wines are distinguished by their elegance and complexity, which make any consumer experience memorable. The Byzantium range is produced at THE ICONIC ESTATE Winery in Tohani-Gura Vadului, from carefully selected grapes, grown in the vineyards of Dealu Mare, a wine-growing area known for its exceptional quality wines.

The new shape of the glass, with rounded, graceful contours, the new logo, which combines complex ornamental elements in a circular composition inspired by Byzantine coins and the elegant chromatic combination between black-label color and copper-logo color, reflects the character of the wine and the connection with the Byzantine Empire. The stylized fonts are reminiscent of the complex calligraphy, meticulously made from the Byzantine period.

The Byzantium range includes three wines: white, rose and red, available in bottles of 0.75 L. Byzantium Blanc – blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay – is a dry wine with generous notes of pineapple, melon and shock flower and subtle shades of peach and apricot, which reveals the delicacy of the Viognier variety, giving flavor to light dishes: white meat, fish, salads. Byzantium Rose – Shyraz- dry wine, illustrates the charm of the Byzantine era with the elegant pink-salmon color and delicate aromas of raspberries, strawberries and cherries, intensified by the subtle notes of red grapefruit, creating an ideal balance between fruity taste and acidity. Its versatility makes it suitable to be served with appetizers, salads, shrimp, fish or chicken. Byzantium Rosso is the faithful expression of the opulence of the Byzantine era, through its complex and robust structure. A perfectly harmonized blend between Fetească Neagră, Shiraz and Cabernet Franc, this dry wine, with an intense ruby ​​red, delights the senses with the intense aromas of ripe berries and black plums, enhanced by notes of black and red pepper, chocolate, vanilla and Oak tree. Byzantium Rosso ideally complements red meat dishes.

Byzantium wines, as well as other The Iconic Estate wines, are available in major chain stores, convenience stores, HoReCa locations, specialty online stores and on iconicdrinks.shop, part of the Alexandrion Group.

THE ICONIC ESTATE, part of Alexandrion Group, is a selective producer, exporter and importer of sparkling and still wines. The company has production and storage facilities, three bottling lines, a temperature-controlled warehouse and underground cellars. The winery from Tohani, Gura Vadului, has one of the largest cellars in the Dealu Mare region and a processing capacity of 5000 tons of grapes per year, producing approximately 3.6 million liters of wine annually, representing approximately 5 million bottles. . Every year, the wines produced have been awarded in various international competitions. THE ICONIC ESTATE sells its wines in more than 40 countries around the world and has become the second largest exporter of bottled wines in Romania.

THE ICONIC ESTATE owns over 255 hectares of vineyards, most of them in one of the most fertile wine regions in Romania, Dealu Mare – a region that provides a significant part of the grapes used to obtain exceptional wines, similar to two famous European wine-growing regions: Piedmont in Italy and Bordeaux in France.

The Rhein & CIE Azuga cellars, part of THE ICONIC ESTATE, are the oldest location where sparkling wine is produced without interruption since its establishment (1892) and until now according to a traditional method in France. The Royal House of Romania appreciates the wines from our cellars for their superior quality, naming THE ICONIC ESTATE official supplier for still and sparkling wines.

The quality, value, refinement and distinction of wines make THE ICONIC ESTATE one of the best Romanian wine producers, which have exploited the potential and viticultural diversity of the country through their own wines: Rhein Extra, Millennium, Hyperion, Neptunus, Kronos, Rhea , Theia, Colina Piatra Albă, Byzantium, Prahova Valley, La Crama and others.


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