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November 29, 2022

Nicusor Dan, invested General Mayor: Bucharest has an extraordinary outlook for the future and we cannot fail to succeed

Bucharest has an “extraordinary” outlook for the future, but in the short term it faces “serious” problems – the health situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, district heating, finances, the new general mayor of Bucharest, Nicusor Dan, declared on Thursday upon taking the oath of office, during a ceremony organized at the municipality’s headquarters, which was also attended by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban.

“Bucharest has an extraordinary outlook for the future and we cannot fail to succeed. But in the very short term, I am asking Bucharesters for patience and solidarity, because there are some serious and urgent problems we are facing. We are in the midst of a health crisis, we have a district heating crisis and we have a financial crisis at the municipal level. Patience and we will solve them!” said Dan.

He stressed the importance of working with the Government, because “many” of the things that the people of Bucharest expect can only be carried out “through” such a partnership.

“We have the commitment of the prime minister so that all those things we talked about will be accomplished for the people of Bucharest,” the general mayor said.

Nicusor Dan urged those who have proven their competence in various fields, but also young graduates to send their CV to work in public administration.

“Bucharest has a huge potential, it has people who have performed in the private sector, in the artistic, cultural, academic environment. There are so many energies in this city that we cannot but succeed. And, what they can and must do and what the mayor of the capital and the City Hall will do – they will be the partner of all these energies for the good of this city and its inhabitants, and I want to urge here the people who have proven their competence in various areas, the young people coming out of universities – it’s an invitation – come to the public administration! I’m waiting for you to send CVs to come and work in the public administration,” he transmitted, according to Agerpres.

The general mayor thanked his colleagues from the “Save Bucharest” Association, the volunteers and public figures who supported him in the campaigns, the people who donated money, as well as the parties that supported him and their leaders.

Nicusor Dan assured the people of Bucharest who did not vote for him that he will ensure a government for all the inhabitants of the Capital, and he promised “an honest collaboration” to the municipal councilors from the Opposition.


Bucharest City Hall, subordinated institutions have current debt worth 3 bln RON


The newly sworn in General Mayor of Bucharest, Nicusor Dan, stated on Thursday that the Bucharest City Hall and the institutions subordinated to it have current debt worth 3 billion RON.

“Broadly, the Bucharest City Hall and the institutions subordinated to it, except the companies, have current debts worth 3 billion RON at this moment. The budget estimate for 2020 is of 4 billion RON, meaning income and expenses. I didn’t add to this debt – and we will have the sum tomorrow – what are the debts of the companies, so those other than the Bucharest City Hall and the administrations subordinated,” said Nicusor Dan, in a press conference, at the headquarters of the Bucharest City Hall.


Municipality’s commitment towards CSM Bucharest will continue at least until next summer


Freshly installed Bucharest general mayor Nicusor Dan said on Thursday that the Municipality will continue its commitment towards the Municipal Sports Club (CSM) at least until next summer.

“CSM Bucharest has a handball team that is engaged in a European competition. The commitment of the municipality towards this team will continue at least until summer next year, so that the European course of the squad stays unaffected and also because these are professional female athletes who signed a contract with the Municipality, and we are serious and observe the contracts we sign. With the coronavirus, the heat supply issues and a limping financial situation on our hands, this is not the time to see what will happen from next summer onwards, but we’ll make an analysis until spring, we will look at management plans and see what we can do for a part of the team’s expenses to be covered from private sources. We’ll make this decision at that moment,” Nicusor Dan told a press conference at the premises of the Bucharest City Hall.

He also mentioned that in his capacity as general mayor he will support “with all his might” mass sports, children’s and junior competitions, “because this is how a Municipality stimulates sports, and especially the population’s health.”

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