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December 2, 2022

Capital Mayor Dan: US Ambassador promised technology transfer for smart city

General Mayor Nicusor Dan said on Monday, at the end of the meeting with US Ambassador to Romania Adrian Zuckerman, that the discussions aimed at opening Bucharest to big investments, technology transfer for transport solutions, as well as the human trafficking issue.

“Bucharest has the potential of becoming a regional hub in business, an academic regional center, a cultural regional center. We have discussed (…) opening Bucharest to big investments. Bucharest must start by setting the foundations of an economic competitiveness inside Bucharest and those municipal companies were exactly the opposite of what a correct competition on the Bucharest market means. We have talked about aid and technology transfer – and we received the promise and support from Mr Ambassador – in respect to what smart city means, to what transport solutions for big cities means,” Dan told a press conference after the meeting that also saw the participation of PM Ludovic Orban.

At the same time, the General Mayor pointed out that he assured of the municipality’s support granted to victims of human trafficking.

“We have also discussed (…) the human trafficking issue and I assured the US Embassy of the municipality’s support for accommodation centers for the victims of human trafficking and counseling for these persons. Last but not least, we want this relation to continue and we addressed Mr Ambassador the invitation of paying a visit to the Capital City Hall in the near future,” Nicusor Dan added, according to Agerpres.


PM Orban shows  determination to support projects for Bucharest


“Practically, on all topics tackled during the talks, I very clearly showed the Government’s firm determination to support all important projects for Bucharest, to support all municipality’s proposals for improving the business environment, for creating an investment climate meant to attract the most important companies. Furthermore, we’ll adopt regulations to enable the fast transfer of any intelligent local governance solution that can be implemented to increase the quality of services in Bucharest, to increase the quality of living, to allow the improvement in traffic flow and the development of transport, not only in the municipality, but also in the metropolitan area,” Orban said at the end of the meeting.

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