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December 1, 2022

EduMin Anisie: Approximately one million children study online

Approximately one million children study online, Minister of Education and Research Monica Anisie told a press conference on Monday held by the Central University Library.

The Minister stated that, according to the reports sent by the school inspectorates, on Monday, at 10:30 hrs, a number of 8,797 schools were in the green scenario, 5,029 in the yellow one, and 3,830 in the red one.


PM Orban: There is no European model for functioning of schools in COVID context


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated, on Monday, that at the European level there is no model regarding schools in the context of the COVID-19.

“There is no European model. If a country takes a measure it doesn’t mean that the respective country is a European model. At the level of the European Commission there is no strategy to be unitary and to be applied to European countries. If there were such a strategy, we surely would have applied it. Each country had particularities, had specific situations, which cannot be compared among them. In what regards us, since the start of school we adopted this system, because we tried to create a balance between the need to ensure the education of our children and at the same time the need to protect the health of our children. Due to this we go online, for example, when an index of 3 [infected persons] per thousand persons, which is considered an index of the spread of the virus that could create an additional danger for children and for teachers in school. The system functions since September 14. We have a month and a half. We permanently follow what happens, we are making permanent evaluations. (…) On the basis of the evaluation of specialists we established this way of schools functioning in Romania,” said Orban, at the headquarters of the National Liberal Party (PNL).

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