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June 27, 2022

GEFCO Romania introduces PDA devices to support its digital transformation process

GEFCO Romania, a subsidiary of GEFCO, the world leader in multimodal supply-chain solutions, has finalized the process of PDA (personal digital assistant) implementation in all platforms involved in its Groupage (GRP) distribution scheme and this way enhances the level of the service provided to its local and international customers.

The platforms located in Joita, Arad, Bacau, Sibiu and Cluj – major cities, involved in the GEFCO Groupage solution – got equipped with the best-in-class technological gear. The technical solution comes in response to the increase in the number of GRP transportations of goods, but also the customer demand for faster and more accurate information about deliveries, easy to track in real-time.

Resulting from the growing role of the groupage transportations in the service portfolio of GEFCO Romania and with the intensification of digitalization across all industries, actuated by the COVID-19 outbreak, the finalization of PDA implementation in all GRP platforms will bring apparent benefits to all parties involved in the solution.

PDAs ensure traceability of the packages for the last mile of the process – that implies the real-time status of delivery, geolocation, and real-time e-POD (electronic proof of delivery). Apart from an increased loading accuracy and a higher speed of identifying the packages for each delivery truck, the tool helps to reduce the administrative work related to each transportation as the statuses in the Transport Management System are automatically recorded from the PDAs, and the e-PODs are automatically archived in the system. Last but not least, a paperless process is ensured for the deliveries done with the PDAs.

“Through this project, we continue supporting customers with the solutions that create added value to their product and optimize the work processes. We believe that especially in the current conditions, a different approach is necessary to be taken, we need to emphasize even more on digital transformation and the adoption of new technologies in our business flows. The operations carried out together with our clients and partners will be easier to track and can be accelerated by using the PDAs”, said Dan CHIRAN, Overland & Contract Logistics Manager at GEFCO Romania.

Digital transformation: an opportunity in the current context

The logistics industry is in the process of constant changing, accelerated, particularly in the current conditions. In this context, it has become even more important to adapt to the new realities, which emphasize the use of technology to meet customer requirements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the acceleration of digital transformation processes in the logistics industry. According to a study by StartUs*, the technologies that will have the most significant impact in this industry, starting with 2020, are Internet of Things 17%, Artificial Intelligence (AI) 14%, Robotics – Warehouse Automation 11%, Blockchain 10%, Data Analysis 9%, Cloud Computing 8%, Autonomous Vehicles 5%.

It has been a long time since GEFCO had stepped on the path of digital transformation often not only introducing existing technologies in its business processes but also pioneering in presenting to the world the new ones. GEFCO focuses on boosting new ideas and speeding up the project execution to bring significant evolution changes in the logistics and transport industry. GEFCO has launched an innovative phygital solution Moveecar – a digital platform that offers car logistics throughout a vehicle lifecycle for mobility players. To the same range of examples goes the company’s recent partnership with a digital road freight marketplace Chronotruck that simplifies deliveries, connecting shippers and carriers through a digital platform using powerful algorithms.


*Study conducted by StartUs, with participation of 901 start-ups. More details here: https://www.startus-insights.com/innovators-guide/logistics-industry-trends-10-innovations-that-will-impact-logistics-companies-in-2020-beyond/


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