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February 4, 2023

FinMin Citu to work on Christmas and New Year’s Eve on budget for next year

The Minister of Finance, Florin Citu, stated on Thursday that the budget for next year should be ready until December 31st, thus the work for the elaboration of the document will take place on Christmas and New Year’s Eve as well.

“I will work on the budget for next year. This will be my Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We must have it by December 31st. We will have to prepare the budget for next year,” Florin Citu said, at the Morning Glory with Razvan Exarhu show at private radio station Rock FM, when asked if he has plans for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and how he imagines Christmas will be for the Romanian people.

In what regards the evolution of the economy, the Minister of Finance mentioned that there will be “a recovery next year with a fiscal consolidation.”

“Our estimate (for economic growth – e.n.) for next year is among the most conservative. I watched what Fitch or the IMF or other institutions are estimating and they all give an economic growth of 4.9 pct for Romania. We believe it will be 4.7. I don’t know the exact figures. Those in the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis are drawing them up, but it’ll be a recovery next year with fiscal consolidation. We are trying to have a smaller deficit so that we don’t borrow that much. The smaller deficit comes from larger income. The digitization of the ANAF [National Agency for Tax Administration] will bring larger income to the budget,” the Finance Minister also said, according to Agerpres.

At the end of October, Florin Citu wrote, on his Facebook page, that the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) is not presenting at this moment the budget for next year as that would be illegal. The Finance Minister argued his position by posting article 35 of Law no. 500/2002 regarding public finance, which shows that when the parliamentary elections are organized in the last three months of the year, MFP submits to the Government the draft budgets for next year after the investiture of the new Government.

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