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May 14, 2021

How will we manage to sell in 2021? Eight notable trends

Author: Gabriela Streza, Business Development Director, Valoria

The recent developments in the business environment also bring marketing challenges, which large and small companies have to approach proactively, but unfortunately few will do so. Part of what the marketing teams have planned will simply do not work because B2B and B2C buying behaviors are strongly altered/changed by the impact of the pandemic, and the buying propensity is very low.

Even in these conditions, many companies are resistant to the coherent implementation of digital marketing strategies, integrated with the sales ones. But in order to succeed, managers must be aware of the major trends that will mark the year 2021 in these areas. Here are these trends along with recommendations and tips on their implementation.

  1. Video for sales

To generate sales opportunities, stop sending “tons” of text emails and start sending videos. About 60% of people are “visual”, which means they prefer to look to find out new things than to read. Anyway, we’re all bombarded with emails, and videos have a much better chance of standing out. That’s why you develop a strong video marketing strategy that goes beyond the attention-grabbing and intent-generating side. Think of a strategy, including for videos sent directly to current and potential customers.

  1. Webinars

Webinars have exploded on the internet in 2020 and will continue to attract audiences in 2021 when they are well done, when they have good topics and distinguished guests. Another trend in this area is the creation of interactive content delivered through the webinar format. My recommendation is to put bigger online events on the agenda next year, with longer agendas and richer content. For example, instead of a 45-minute webinar, do a three-segment program that lasts three hours. People participate in webinars to ask experts questions or discuss a specific point and brainstorm together. The webinar format has the potential to generate a significant number of sales opportunities in 2021.

  1. Chat for sales

In 2020, sales teams looked for new ways to interact with potential customers, and chat presented an excellent option. Instead of calling or asking customers to call, they were contacted or asked to interact via chat. The main advantage is that it gives people instant access to sales representatives, who can present them with opportunities, send them additional information very easily, and most importantly, collect their orders. In many areas of activity, this is the new normal to initiate sales opportunities and is a tactic worth considering.

  1. Customized experiences

The year 2021 accentuates the one-to-one marketing trend instead of one-to-many marketing. Content, e-mails, web pages and social messages must be tailored to people: depending on their role, industry, company and even their psychographic characteristics. B2C companies have been doing this for years, and now is the time for B2B companies to catch up. The performance differences brought by customization are significant and contribute to the increase of all brand and sales indicators.



  1. Text messages

The pandemic has redirected almost all of us to our smart phones that have become the main point of contact. Taking the food ordered at take away, setting appointments and obtaining confirmations – all this and much more is solved by phone. There is something very personal about one-on-one conversations, and this trend should not be ignored. If people use their mobile phones more frequently, you can have access to customers for up-sell and cross-sell, if you have collected their mobile phone numbers according to GDPR and you have their permission to send them text messages. If you haven’t already done so, move it to the top of the 2021 action list.

  1. Short content

This is a new trend that will accelerate in 2021. Long content (e.g. articles with more than 2,500 words) will have its place in the online universe, but when you consider how people interact with social networks, how ” consume frugally ”text messages and videos, then it becomes obvious how frugal content (small bites, easy-to-consume content) is a growing trend that should not be ignored.

  1. Voice search

This is a trend that we will see becoming mainstream in a few years. For three years now, we recommend that the SEO strategy include questions, because brands must get a good place in voice search as well. By mapping the questions that potential customers ask throughout the customer journey, you can classify the pages and content of the website for these questions and enter the voice search results and the answer provided by the voice-activated device.

  1. Storytelling campaigns

When it comes to campaigns, most marketers think of product, industry or industry. They think about the services they promote. Instead, the big trend in 2021 will be given by storytelling-based campaigns. In these campaigns the brand tells a story through a series of emails, videos, audio podcasts, PDFs or pages on the website. During the campaign, additional information about the story will be provided. This approach is much less focused on sales and more on how people want to see information.


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 About the author


Gabriela Streza has over 15 years of experience in marketing and business development teams of major multinational companies and family businesses in Romania, leaders in their fields of activity. Gabriela graduated from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and has solid expertise in marketing, communication, and business development during hundreds of successfully managed projects Gabriela also has a broad knowledge of public relations and high-quality professional communication in interpersonal communications, organizations and event management to generate awareness of the company’s brand and business development. In recent years he has coordinated complex marketing and business development projects involving Romanian entrepreneurs, non-profit associations and multinational companies.



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