Impact Developer & Contractor invests 500,000 euros in the green spaces of Luxuria Residence

Impact Developer & Contractor invests 500,000 euros in the green areas included in Luxuria Residence, its first luxury residential compound located in Expoziției area. The outdoor landscape project, developed by Iristyle, focused on the design of 9,650 sqm of green spaces, of which 2,500 sqm are dedicated to a private park.

Through this landscape project, Luxuria Residence comes with a new standard in terms of quality of life and sustainability, in a capital city facing a deficit of green areas. Approximately 42% of the project’s 22,500 sqm surface is dedicated to green spaces which are designed to provide to its residents with a recreational setting, while contributing to environmental protection. The unique landscape concept is meant to create visual harmony in the condominium regardless of the season, and it accommodates a 2,500 sqm park as well as Japanese gardens.

The completed private park includes stylish urban furniture, with a wonderful artesian fountain as its center-piece, enhancing the exclusiveness of the project while bringing nature closer to residents and encouraging relaxation, networking, and the development of a community with a strong bond.

“Integration of green areas is always playing a central role in the development of our residential projects, having an enormous contribution to the well-being and satisfaction of our customers. At Luxuria Residence, we paid special attention to landscape solutions that would offer to residents the opportunity to enjoy nature, in a city area in full expansion and real estate development. Luxuria Residence offers therefore a modern-minimalist architectural style and a high standard comfort ensured by modern facilities and natural setting, all of them making an important difference in terms of residents’ life quality”, said Sorin Apostol, CEO of Impact Developer & Contractor.

According to Vital Signs statistics, Bucharest has a green space index of 9.86 sqm/inhabitant, which is 12 times lower than Vienna (120 sqm/inhabitant). The benefits of nature on physical and mental health are well known, and recent studies have concluded that it takes at least 2 hours spent in nature each week to generate an improvement in the quality of life and physical and mental health.

“The landscape design of the Luxuria gardens was developed based on the concept of <balance and harmony>, the park’s structure being created for the direct joy of all residents. Thus, we developed a stylish park, ideal for both networking and solitary moments. In this central park, we introduced deciduous and coniferous trees, ornamental and flowering shrubs and flowers, the entire dendrological and floricultural park counting over 150 species. These are all perennials plants that remain green throughout the year, creating also balance and harmony. In addition, the project allowed us the extravagance of using big, mature trees and also a spectacular fountain. The project is a true statement of excellence, with high potential to surprise and delight the residents”, said engineer Elena Arion, the landscaper of the project.

Developed in line with Impact’s sustainability policy, Luxuria Residence is the first residential project in the country with BREEAM Excellent certification that will offer to the residents:

  • reduced maintenance costs by up to 13%; reduced energy consumption by up to 50%;
  • reduction of up to 39% in carbon emissions and water consumption;
  • up to 70% less waste.

Located between Expoziției Boulevard and Aviator Popișteanu Street, the Luxuria Residence compound offers a western living context in an area of Bucharest in full development, through multiple facilities: exclusively underground car parking, private park, fitness center, lounge, 24/7 receptions, playgrounds, secured access, human security, and video surveillance. Nearby points of interest cover the needs of business-people, but also those of families: parks (5 minutes drive to Herastrau Park), hospitals, educational units, restaurants, clubs, and wellness centers.

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