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October 21, 2021

PM Orban tells business representatives that the Liberal government wishes a stable, predictable legislative-fiscal climate

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban told business representatives on Friday that the Liberal government wishes a “stable, predictable legislative-fiscal climate”, stressing that in order to ensure fiscal stability, the authorities will have to have “better control of budgetary costs” and “improve collection”.

The Chief Executive discussed, in video-conferencing system, with the representatives of the Coalition for the Development of Romania on the topic of the government’s priorities for the next period.

“We are now in the period of finalizing the governing program, which we will most likely present on Monday (…). When we said that we will not increase taxes and duties, do believe what we are saying. If we want us to we have a fast recovery, it is normal that we do not put fiscal brakes in the process of economic recovery and ensuring an economic growth as fast as possible,” said Ludovic Orban.

He added that with regard to the basic pillar of the economic policies, that of investment, the concern of the Liberal government is to ensure “an ever increasing level of investment in both the public and private sectors”.

Another concern of the Government, according to the Prime Minister, is the research-innovation part and, especially, the rapid application of research and innovation results, as well as the technological transfer related to any investment, mentioning here also the field of defense.

Digitization, according to the prime minister, is a fundamental pillar for the current government in the coming period.

“Certainly a concern for the environment, for the implementation of the Green Deal, will be an extremely important component of governance,” Orban added, according to Agerpres.

The head of the Executive also referred to the need for a very solid reform in education, which would bring education as close as possible to the real needs of the labor market.

The prime minister pointed out that a “huge effort” will be needed to absorb European funds.

“I am telling you that not only the administration will have to be involved, but the entire business environment, the local authorities, the universities, the non-governmental organizations and even every single company, because it will not be easy to absorb the 80 billion euros plus the 4.1 billion euros from the SURE Program, which are intended for active measures. I can also tell you that we have other possible funding, which is emerging from institutional financiers, or here we will have to generate projects, we will have to move fast. We will try to ensure that we simplify procedures as much as possible and digitize access for beneficiaries to all the programs to be financed from European funds,” Orban went on to say.

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