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October 5, 2022

GCS: Romania’s COVID-19 death toll rises by 168 to 9,429 in last 24 hours

Another 168 people – 102 men and 66 women – infected with the novel coronavirus have died, COVID-29 death toll in Romania reaching 9,429, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informs on Wednesday.

Four deaths were recorded in the age group 40-49 years; 16 in the age category 50-59 years; 42 in the age category 60-69 years; 62 deaths in the age category 70-79 years and 44 in the category over 80 years.

According to the GCS, 163 of the deaths were recorded in patients with comorbidities and five deceased patients did not have pre-existing medical conditions.


New record registered of 10,269 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 in the last 24 hours


Romania tallied a record-high 10,269 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 in the last 24 hours, following 37,906 tests run nationwide, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informed on Wednesday.

These are all cases of patients who had not previously tested positive.

As many as 383,743 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Romania as of today.

A total of 261,387 coronavirus patients have been declared cured as of November 18.

According to GCS, to date, 3,771,316 tests have been processed nationwide. Of these, 37,906 were performed in the last 24 hours – 23,269 based on the case definition and medical protocol and 14,637 upon request.


Large number of COVID-19 patients in ICU – 1,174; persons admitted – 13,179


A number of 13,179 persons with COVID-19 are admitted to hospitals, of which 1,174 in intensive care, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informed on Wednesday.

On the territory of Romania, 46,875 persons confirmed with the novel coronavirus are in home isolation and 13,285 are in institutionalized isolation.

Furthermore, 80,763 persons are in home quarantine, and 19 in institutionalized quarantine.


Bucharest City reports 1,141 new COVID-19 cases; daily count exceeds 500 in Constanta, Cluj


Bucharest -1,141, Constanta – 528, Cluj – 501, Iasi – 437 and Brasov – 422 are the areas with the most newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in Romania since the previous reporting the Strategic Communication Group (GCS), the official novel coronavirus communication task force, reported on Wednesday.

Over 300 cases were recorded in the counties of Timis – 373, Ilfov – 347, Sibiu – 330, Bihor – 310, and over 200 new cases in Alba, Arges, Hunedoara, Mures and Prahova.

The least cases were reported in the counties of Gorj – 44, Harghita – 53, Botosani – 55 and Calarasi – 57.


COVID-19 infection rate stays at over 9 per 1,000 population in Sibiu County, at 7.52 in Cluj County


Sibiu County has a 14-day cumulated SARS-CoV-2 infection rate of 9.01 per 1,000 population, slightly higher than the previous day’s 9, according to the daily report released on Wednesday by the Strategic Communication Group (GCS), the official novel coronavirus communication task force.

According to GCS, Cluj County comes second, with a rate of 7.52 per 1,000 population, up from Tuesday, when it was 7.42.

Bucharest has a rate of 5.45 per 1,000 population, down from Tuesday, when the rate was 5.54.

At the same time, a high rate is recorded in the counties of Ilfov – 6.81; Brasov – 6.63; Timis – 6.59; Alba – 6.25; Bihor – 5.87; Arad – 5.85, Constanta – 5.81; Salaj – 5.34.

The counties with a low rate in the last two weeks, are Olt – 1.73, Vrancea – 1.82 and Gorj – 1.85.

None of the country’s counties are in the green zone.


Over  53,000 COVID-19 cases in Bucharest, followed by Cluj, Iasi, Timis, Prahova counties


Most cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection have been registered so far in Bucharest – 53,130 and in counties of Cluj – 16,955, Iasi – 15,969, Timis – 15,855, Prahova – 15,614, Brasov – 15,092, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informs on Wednesday.

Over 11,000 cases have been registered so far in the counties of Constanta – 11,921, Suceava – 11,768, Bihor – 11,579, Ilfov – 11,220, Sibiu – 11,091 and Bacau – 11,021, and over 10,000 cases in the counties of Dolj – 10,157 and Arges – 10,496.


1,207 people – reconfirmed positively with COVID-19


A number of 1,207 people were positively reconfirmed with COVID-19 following retesting, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) announced on Wednesday.

“Apart from the newly confirmed cases, following the retesting of patients who were already positive, 1,207 people were reconfirmed positively,” according to the GCS.

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