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September 29, 2022

PM Orban: Anti-COVID vaccination strategy will be completed by next week

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Thursday has said that the anti-COVID vaccination strategy will be completed by next week and will be presented publicly by the campaign coordination team led by primary care military doctor, Lieutenant Colonel Valentin Gheorghita.

“The vaccination strategy will be completed by next week and will be presented publicly by the team that will coordinate… practically the entire vaccination campaign led by Colonel Dr. Valentin Gheorghita, seconded by the Secretary of State with the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu,” Orban said on Thursday at Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport in Constanta County, after participating in the event dedicated to the Rapid Falcon Romanian-US joint exercise.

The head of the Executive detailed, asked in this regard, that “the prioritisation of the vaccination will be made according to the quantities that will come and the pace at which these quantities will enter.”

“The number one priority is all those who are part of the medical system fighting against COVID, those who work in hospitals, all those who are involved in the fight against COVID. Also, the next priority is represented by the vulnerable people, the elderly, people who can develop severe forms, people with associated diseases. The next priority are those who are in strategic sectors of social life, critical sectors, such as national defense, economy, energy area, public services, so practically those who maintain essential functions in society,” Orban said.

The head of the Executive also mentioned that the distribution of the vaccine at European level will be made in several stages, depending on the capacity to produce the contracted quantities.

“As far as we know, there is a contract, already signed, for 200 million doses of vaccine and another 100 million in reserve. As the quantities are produced, they will be delivered to the member states of the European Union, I repeat, in accordance to the share that each European country has in terms of population,” Orban added, according to Agerpres.


In Bucharest, we will have 30 additional ICU beds in a private hospital starting next week


He also  informed that the capacity to treat COVID patients in Bucharest will increase by 30 ICU beds, starting next week, with the beds to be provided by a private hospital, plus another 17 additional ICU beds to be added to the ones already existing in the public hospitals in the Capital City, while mentioning that it is the authorities’ duty to identify spots for all patients who need treatment in ICUs.

He was asked about the announcement made by the Ministry of National Defence regarding the COVID-19 patients who were transported with a military aircraft to hospitals in other cities than Bucharest, for there were no more available beds here.

Regarding the flight announced by the Ministry of National Defence, Orban said that, “most likely, this decision was made because there probable are no more vacancies in the intensive care units of the hospitals that are involved in the front line in Bucharest.”


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