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September 28, 2022

PM Orban presents PNL’s governing programme for the 2021-2024 : No one will be left behind in Romania that we imagine and that we will build

PNL (National Liberal Party) leader and Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Thursday stated that the governing programme for the 2021-2024 period was carried out by 472 experts – members or sympathizers – and that the Liberals will “repair the state.”

“December 6 represents a moment of reference in the history of Romania. On December 6 we leave behind what divides us, we leave behind our clumsiness and failures, practices, some of them non-performing, and we join forces for Romania. No one will be left behind in Romania that we imagine and that we will build, and no one should miss this national effort. December 6 is a national appeal for a national cause. This is not about political partisanship, it is about  the future of Romania, about what will happen to all of us,” said Orban, at the presentation of the government programme “We develop Romania.”

He pointed out that the PNL government programme is being worked out by 472 experts – members or sympathizers of the Liberals and that it has determined the European authorities to make more than 80 billion euros available to Romania.

“The combined effect will be a transformation for the good of our country, but above all we will repair the state. This will be the main pillar, the catalyst for Romania’s transformation. The state will be transformed from the source of all evils into a source that facilitates development, from to be present when it is not necessary, to be present only when necessary, from being an obstacle for citizens, to being a facilitator of their aspirations, to being a cradle of corruption, to become a vector of transparency, from putting problems under the rug to solving them responsibly,” Orban said, according to Agerpres.

He claimed that the PNL programme is “the roadmap that guarantees development.”

“Starting with December 6, we have the opportunity to correct all the causes that were the basis for the weakening of the Romanian state and to implement the reforms postponed for decades.

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