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January 24, 2022

President Iohannis, HealthMin visit Fundeni Clinical Institute: Efforts will be stepped up to improve the capacity of ICUs at national level

President Klaus Iohannis on Sunday said that efforts to increase the capacity of Intensive Care Units will be intensified.

“The number of deaths caused by this relentless virus is still too high, similarly, the pressure on the anesthesia and intensive care units remains at very high levels and that is why we have decided, together with the Ministry of Health, to intensify efforts to increase these units’ capacity, namely the capacity of the ICUs at national level. (…) As of April, or March, more precisely, we doubled the number of beds in ICUs. We have doubled the number of beds in ICUs starting from an already high number of ICUs beds, compared to other systems in other countries, but it is clear that, unfortunately, that is still not enough. Every week, through the effort of doctors, through the effort of the ministry, of the [ed.n. -Health] Minister personally, new ICU beds are being added and we will continue at this pace, because our ambition is to be one step ahead of the evolution of the pandemic in this regard and the results so far have shown that this has been the case and this is how we intend to continue,” Iohannis said on Sunday after visiting the Fundeni Clinical Institute.

The head of state stated that a very good example of adapting to the growing needs of intensive care is the modular system set up on the premises of the Fundeni Clinical Institute.

“The container is appareled with all the necessary equipment, we are talking about beds, mechanical ventilators and syringe pumps and at the moment it has all the approvals necessary for operation, being serviced by the doctors of Fundeni Hospital, whom I congratulate for making it possible to have such a space,” the president specified.

Klaus Iohannis said that new buildings are needed at the Fundeni Institute, when asked about the fact that this hospital institution does not have a fire safety permit.

“I discussed these matters with the management of the Institute and found some things that they have known for a long time. We have a very dedicated staff, we have a very efficient management, but we have a hospital since ’59. A lot has been improved, other things cannot be changed in the buildings that exist now. In principle, yes, we need new buildings if we want to have circuits as they are necessary, nowadays, and if we want to have buildings that meet absolutely all the safety requirements. The management here knows these things, there is a request for European funds to start the reconstruction of the hospital from this point of view and I will support these requests,” the head of state also stated.


HealthMin Tataru: We have about 1,390 beds in ICU; another 280 to be operationalised


Minister of Health Nelu Tataru said that another 280 intensive care beds will be operationalised in 24 hospitals in the next period.

“We have a number of around 1,390 beds in intensive care, we have 1,132 patients in intensive care, we still have 280 more beds from 24 hospitals under operationalisation, which takes between 7 and 21 days,” Tataru said on Sunday after visiting the Fundeni Clinical Institute alongside President Klaus Iohannis.

The Health minister specified there is a partial assessment of the deficiencies found in hospitals.

“We have some partial results in which both we, and those from ISU [ the Emergency Situations Inspectorate] or ANMDMR [the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices in Romania], depending on the deficiency found, we established a compliance program and we will have the assessment in another 14 days. (…) We are talking about the evaluation of each circuit in the ICUs handled by the Ministry of Health through the State Inspection, the minister will make a separate report on everything that means electrical circuits, as well as what ANMDMR will do for equipment and gas circuits,” Tataru said.

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