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December 4, 2022

PNL Bucharest candidates go to the PSD headquarters, request Ciolacu’s withdrawal from the party’s lists. PSD retorts: Orban and PNL have sentenced hundreds of thousands of families to poverty

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) considers that the National liberal Party (PNL) “failed” in terms of pandemic control and in supporting the economy and education, while Minister of Finance Florin Citu’s priority “is open letters”.

“Romanians die by the hundreds, every day! Hospitals are collapsing! The pandemic has exceeded 10,000 casualties. This is the result of the PNL’s dramatic failure to control the pandemic. They have also failed to support the economy and education. They have sacrificed the future of millions of children and exiled them to a world where they are educated online without tablets, internet or digital textbooks. Orban and PNL have condemned to poverty hundreds of thousands of families living from vegetable growing, so that only the big foreign supermarket chains prosper. Instead, (FinMin) Citu and his clique’s priority is the hysterical-embarrassing open letters. The PNL believes that, by making fun at the PSD’s gate, it can distract Romanians from the catastrophe in the health system or from the thousands of local companies that brought them to the brink of bankruptcy. You plunderers, Romanians want testing accessible to all, safe hospitals, stable jobs and open schools, not circus, thieves and open letters,” reads a PSD Facebook message.

The PNL Bucharest candidates went on Monday to the PSD headquarters, where they submitted the open letter addressed to Marcel Ciolacu requesting his withdrawal from the lists for parliamentarians of persons with criminal problems.

The Minister of Finance, Florin Citu, PNL candidate in the parliamentary elections, declared that he is waiting for Marcel Ciolacu to make a decision regarding “the corrupt from the PSD lists” in the parliamentary elections.

“I came to the PSD headquarters to tell Mr. Ciolacu to assume all the corrupt in the PSD. I said from the first moment that PSD is the party of the corrupt, of those who steal and we have evidence every day that it is so. I said from the first moment that this campaign will be about showing how PSD is trying to steal these elections as well, and today we came here to tell Mr. Ciolacu clearly to assume his list in Bucharest. We will leave an open letter that I presented yesterday to Mr. Ciolacu, we are waiting for him to make a decision regarding the corrupts on the PSD lists. In Bucharest there are already a few people who have shown that they will spend public money in their own interest, there is already evidence in the public space,”  Citu said at PSD’s headquarters, Agerpres informs.

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