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January 17, 2022

PSD, USR MPs announce resignations from Parliament in order not to benefit from a service pension

  • Liberals: These resignations are a bluff, a blatant lie
  • UDMR: It is a cheap populism

Social Democratic Party (PSD)  leader Marcel Ciolacu and the leader of the Social Democratic Deputies, Alfred Simonis, announced on Monday that they will resign from Parliament on the last day of their term in order not to benefit from a service pension.

Also, the USR MPs submitted resignations from the Legislature on Tuesday, to become effective starting with December 18.


Barna: USR MPs to submit their resignation to Parliament


USR (Save Romania Union) Deputies and Senators will submit their resignation to Parliament, on Tuesday, as they do not want to be part of those who will receive service pensions, the leader of this party, Dan Barna (photo), made the announcement.

“Service pensions defy the honest people in this country. Representing people’s will is an honour, not a burden. USR has submitted a draft law on the elimination of service pensions four years ago. There have been four years without a majority willing to do this. Yes, we will do this, because we promised people that we will not benefit from these type of pensions, we are going to resign before the end of this term in office,” Dan Barna wrote on his Facebook page on Monday evening.

He also said that the elimination of the service pensions will be the essential condition for USR PLUS (USR – Freedom, Unity, Solidarity Party) to participate in the governing coalition.


Roman: Ciolacu’s resignation from Parliament – “bluff”; solution – abrogation of MPs’ special pensions


The National Liberal Party (PNL) requested the convening of the Standing Bureaus for the adoption of the bill initiated by the liberals on the abrogation of special pensions for parliamentarians, the leader of the liberal deputies, Florin Roman announced on Tuesday, who added that the resignation of Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Marcel Ciolacu, from the Chamber of Deputies, is “a bluff”.

“Today, in the early hours of the morning, I submitted a request to convene the Standing Bureaus of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate (…) for 10:00. We are waiting for the Standing Bureaus to send to the Statute Committee the PNL’s bill, which it has been blocked since June by the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies, to be debated and voted in the plenary sitting today,” Roman told a press conference.

He reminded that this project was submitted by PNL to the Parliament at the beginning of this year, but “it was blocked” by Marcel Ciolacu and by PSD in the Standing Bureau.

He said that, according to the law, the special pensions of parliamentarians can be waived only in three situations: criminal conviction, by written request of the senator or deputy and the abrogation of the normative act. “For this reason, the PNL supports the total repeal of this chapter,” Roman said.

In his opinion, Marcel Ciolacu’s resignation from the Parliament is “a bluff”, because it “does not equate to the loss of the special pension”.


UDMR’s Hunor: Ciolacu’s resignation and that of USR’s MPs just populism, doesn’t solve anything


The leader of UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania), Kelemen Hunor, on Tuesday labeled as “cheap populism” the gestures of the PSD (Social Democratic Party) leader, Marcel Ciolacu, and the USR (Save Romania Union) MPs to resign from Parliament in order not to benefit from service pensions.

“The only fair and correct solution is, if we want to talk about service pensions, to delete, repeal all pensions, including pensions of magistrates and pensions of former employees of the Intelligence Service, officers. The rest is cheap populism and solves absolutely nothing. Send Mr Ciolacu and the USR members to Mrs Violeta Alexandru, the Minister of Labour, to explain them how pensions are calculated. Because they don’t give up anything. The same as Mr Ciolacu didn’t give up anything four years ago, when he resigned with one day before the end of his term in office, neither he nor the USR will give up anything now,” Kelemen Hunor told RFI radio station.

He added that when the UDMR proposed the repeal of all service pensions, including those of magistrates and former Intelligence Service employees, and “the USR voted against it.”

“So, this is the only fair and correct solution: we are erasing all service pensions, as we have proposed since last year,” the UDMR leader said.


PMP calling for debate on law repealing special pensions for lawmakers and mayors


The People’s Movement Party (PMP) is calling for a joint convention of Parliament’s standing bureaus for a plenary debate on the law repealing special pensions for lawmakers and mayors, PMP Chairman Eugen Tomac announced on Tuesday.

“PMP today will again submit a request calling for a joint convention of the standing bureaus and for bringing to the plenary session the law under which we are requesting the repeal of special pensions for lawmakers and mayors. Repeal is the solution because Dragnea and many others resigned but the pensions remained,” Tomac wrote on Facebook.

He added that he was the only lawmaker to forfeit his right to a special pension.

“I resigned from Parliament last year, not this year ten days before the election, but I can’t tell people that once I resign, I won’t draw a special pension. (…) However, what I did in order not to qualify for the pension, I declared in the plenary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, asking to be recorded in the minutes, which is published in the Official Journal, that I was renouncing this right. I was the only lawmaker to do that !!!,” wrote Tomac.


PM Orban: Resignation before the end of term not to draw special pensions is demagoguery, a blatant lie


National chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Monday evening described as demagogic the approach of the lawmakers who announced that they will resign before the end of their term in office in order not to draw a special pension, claiming that that is “a lie and “dust thrown in the eyes of voters.”

“This demagoguery with the resignation before the end of the term in office so that you no longer draw a special pension is simply a blatant lie. (…) It is dust thrown in the eyes of the voters and, unfortunately, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) national chairman and other PSD leaders are not the only ones flirting with such demagogic positions in full swing of electioneering. I am literally shocked by the total disrespect of PSD towards the Romanians, towards the people,” Orban said on Monday evening, in a phone-in on Realitatea Plus.

He said he did not believe PSD could be capable of “such false demagoguery.”

“First of all, Mr Ciolacu and the other PSD members who announced that they will resign so that they do not qualify for a special pension: most of them have more terms in offices than one, so they already qualify for a special pension. Mr Ciolacu has a full 2012 – 2016 term, and the ongoing one is his second. It is not true that whoever resigns does not qualify for a special pension. Mr Ciolacu will have pension benefits calculated for this term minus one day. (…) It is PSD that invented special pensions. The law on lawmakers was amended and special pensions were introduced in the last legislature, with PNL being the only party that voted against,” said Orban.

The PNL chairman pointed out that the solution to get rid of special pensions is not for someone to resign before the end of their term.

“There is a very simple solution and I am asking Mr Ciolacu, if we want to abolish the special pensions for lawmakers – since they still have a parliamentary majority – to convene a joint session of the standing bureaus this week and together to adopt one of the bills proposing amending the law on lawmakers repealing Article 49, so that no lawmaker or former lawmaker qualify for a special pension. This demagoguery with the resignation before the end of the terms so that you no longer receive a special pension is simply a blatant lie,” said Orban.

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