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September 27, 2022

Telekom continues its promise “Telekonomy – Cut costs, not benefits”

The company offers customers 50% discount on subscriptions, plus HBO and HBO GO 12 months included


Under the concept of “Telekonomy in all Romania”, Telekom Romania launches the commercial offer dedicated to the winter holidays, through which the promise “Cut costs, not benefits” continues. Telekom is taking another important step in offering what Romanians want, significant discounts on telecommunications products and services, smart technology, and entertainment to spend quality time with the loved ones.

The campaign is based on the results of the Christmas Habits research*, which highlights the fact that 97% of Romanians consider it important and very important to benefit from accessible services, so that they can save on the telecommunications bill. In fact, they say this year they allocate a much lower budget for Christmas gifts, 780 lei, compared to 1000 lei, as they were willing to spend last year, and among the gifts they plan to offer are in percentage of 47% technological products. However, Romanians are not willing to give up quality, for 98% being important and very important to benefit from a fair value for money.

The new offer represents exactly what Romanians want, 50% discount on the main Telekom products and services, plus free entertainment, as follows:


  • Nelimitat M mobile subscription, available at porting in, with unlimited 4G internet, unlimited national minutes, for which customers will benefit from 50% discount in the first 12 months. The cost of the discounted subscription is 3 euros/month, VAT included. For 97% of Romanians, unlimited benefits (4G, minutes and national SMSs) are important and very important.


  • Because smartphones are also among the most purchased, but also the most desired Christmas gifts, Telekom offers customers the opportunity to purchase them in instalments, without interest and without an advance payment. They can choose, for example, from Xiaomi Redmi 9 at 5 euros/month, Samsung Galaxy A21s at 6 euros/month, Huawei P Smart 2021 at 7 euros/month or Samsung Galaxy A31 at 8 euros/month, all available with the Mobil M subscription.


  • The smart products from Telekom conquered the Romanians, 92% of the respondents to the Christmas Habits research stated that they want to a large and very large extent internet services that do not need new holes in the walls or more cables in the house. To meet this need, Telekom offers the Smart WiFi service, the instant internet connection, with 50% discount for the first 3 months (only 14.5 lei/month). Smart WiFi was voted by consumers the Product of the Year 2020 in the Wireless Internet category**.


  • A smart, accessible, useful gift that suits all family members is also Smart TV Stick, especially since approximately 88% of Romanians have expressed a desire to make their own TV smart, to watch YouTube and channels online on TV. Thus, only at Telekom they can buy the Smart TV Stick subscription with 50% discount for 3 months, for a contractual period of 24 months at prices starting from 7.5 lei/month. Smart TV Stick is the quick and easy to install TV subscription, with no holes and extra cables in the house, with Google Chromecast offered for rent and 100% discount for 24 months, plus access to up to 72 online TV channels.


  • 72% of Romanians appreciate Christmas as an opportunity to put aside the worries generated by the pandemic, to disconnect and enjoy the time spent with the loved ones. To give customers an extra reason to rejoice and relax, Telekom’s classic TV services come with a special offer with 50% discount for a period of 6 months, plus HBO and HBO GO 12 months included.


“The new offer launched today, with 50% discount on the main products and services in Telekom’s portfolio, emphasizes once again our commitment to the promise of Telekonomy – Cut costs, benefits. We are confident in our products, and the researches we constantly conduct show us that we have the best offers on the market and that we offer Romanians what they want – quality, simple offers, smart products and real benefits. We are confident that the offer dedicated to the winter holidays will be the perfect gift, in accordance with the wishes of Romanians”, said Andreas Elsner, Chief Commercial Officer, Residential Segment, Telekom Romania (photo).

The offer dedicated to the winter holidays is available between November 23rd, 2020 – January 31st, 2021. More details about the offer dedicated to residential customers are available on the website www.telekom.ro.

Telekom comes with the promise of „Telekonomy in all Romania” to meet the needs of the Romanian entrepreneurs, to whom it reaffirms the proposal: Cut costs, not benefits.

In the desire to support them with the best solutions dedicated to business continuity, entrepreneurs who choose to port in the Telekom network until January 31st, 2020, opting for the Freedom 5 subscription, will benefit from 4G internet and unlimited national minutes, with 50% discount at the cost of the subscription in the first 12 months. If they also want smartphones in instalments together with the Freedom 5 subscription, entrepreneurs can opt for the Samsung Galaxy A21s phone, at 9 euros/month total subscription price plus phone in the first year or Samsung Galaxy A31 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 PRO, each at 11 euros/month in total for subscription plus phone in the first year (prices without VAT).


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