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August 8, 2022

Ziora application: Instant online appointments for Covid-19 tests, no more waiting in call centers

  • Free access to medical clinics for the first three months of subscription
  • Patients can quickly schedule Covid-19 tests and receive a reminder message
  • A business used mainly by beauty and wellness salons
  • Expansion in the medical area and the car service sector

 Ziora, an online scheduling platform used especially in beauty and wellness salons, car service sector and health, will offer free subscriptions for the first three months to medical clinics that perform tests to detect Covid-19 infection (new Coronavirus). Thus, individual customers can schedule quickly, online, without waiting a long time in the call center.

Free access to the clinics on the platform starts on December 1st. Free access is offered for all types of tests provided by medical clinics, the only requirement is that they also provide testing for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes Coronavirus infection.

The application is free continuously for patients/individuals, while for clinics and medical offices, the subscription is free for three months. Typically, a company’s use of the platform for a month costs from € 100, depending on the number of users and the volume of appointments.

 “In recent months, about 30,000 tests are performed almost daily to detect Covid-19 infection, and nearly a third are on-demand tests, tests that require programming. Thus, customers risk waiting a long time on the phone or, if not scheduled on the phone, in conditions that can expose them to the virus. Phone appointments require a lot of waiting time from customers and put a lot of pressure on clinic call centers. We hope that through this initiative, we aid the medical offices but also the patients”, says Marius Chiriță, co-founder of Ziora Business IT, the company that developed the Ziora application.

Ziora is a solution launched in 2016 by Marius Chiriță, Irinel Bîrsan, and Cătălin Bălinișteanu. This year, joined the business Silviu Chiriță and Lucian Rotar, a serial entrepreneur and investor from the TechAngels community, with over 20 years of experience in the IT&C field, both in Romania and abroad. Ziora is a software dedicated to business administration used in beauty salons or SPA type, car services, gyms, medical, dental, or psychotherapy offices, law firms.


 Estimate: 250,000 appointments in 2020


Among the features offered by the application are: online scheduling, direct communication between suppliers and customers, scheduling multiple services within the same subscription, reminder (SMS), management of both staff and products, notification for important events (recurrence, the birthday of the customer, non-presentation), sale of products both directly from the app and from the salon. Before the scheduled date, Ziora sends the customers an SMS or a reminder email. If the client cancels the appointment, the reserved interval is automatically released in the calendar to create a new appointment.

 Last year, users made over 200,000 app appointments in the app, and for this year, entrepreneurs estimate around 250,000 appointments. Over 90% of the existing clients of the Ziora platform renew their subscriptions. The application is available in Google Play (for Android devices), but Ziora is recommended for use in the desktop version, as a reception software, due to its complexity.

Most clients come from the field of beauty salons, an area where the management aims to reach 150 clients by the end of December.


 It targets five times more clients in the medical field by the end of the year


 “If in 2016, when we launched Ziora, people often came to salons without announcing, and almost everywhere you could find that already famous appointment paper notebook, an online agenda service was rather a beautiful dream. But since May, when appointments have become mandatory, this type of service has gone from the category of “nice to have” to that of a “must have”. Since leaving the state of emergency, we have registered a 20% increase for this field and in December, we expect an advance of 50%, the end of the year being the most important period for the beauty sector”, added Marius Chiriță.

Other important areas in terms of the number of customers are the car service and health sectors. Currently, the company has ten clients in health, and by the end of the year, the management wants to have 50 clients. The clients in the medical field are mainly clinics of neurology, cardiology, psychotherapy, family medicine.


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