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July 28, 2021

Iohannis visits DSP Bucharest call center: Presidential Administration, Government to enter second phase of anti-COVID vaccination

The Presidential Administration, the Government and other institutions will enter the second phase of anti-COVID vaccination, and the end of spring would be possible to see the completion of the first immunisation round for the whole population, President Klaus Iohannis said on Sunday.

“The front line is the medical staff, people who have diseases that we know aggravate this disease caused by the novel coronavirus and the essential personnel. Only in the second phase the Presidential Administration, the Government and so on will enter, and I believe that things are well thought out in this vaccination strategy,” Iohannis said on Sunday after a visit to the Bucharest Public Health Directorate’s (DSP)  Call center, when asked if the country’s management would enter the first vaccination phase.

Iohannis noted that vaccination will be handled by both civilian and military doctors.

“We have a very determined and well-trained young team who has worked on this vaccination strategy that will also be in charge of implementing this strategy. Sure, mainly, there will be civilian and military doctors, there will be supporting personnel – nurses, recording staff, because all these actions need to be registered. It takes thousands of people and we’ll probably need volunteers here too. I even spoke to the representative of the Medical Faculty students and they told me that they are ready to come and volunteer in the vaccination campaign, and the Ministry of Health will organize all these things,” explained the head of state.

He argued that by the end of the next spring, the first vaccination round for the entire population may be completed.

“We discussed these issues (about the period during which the entire population of Romania will be vaccinated, ed. n.) in several video-conference meetings at the Council (European) and those in the Commission, which deals with the direct relationship with vaccine producers, told us that it is quite likely that the first tranches of vaccine will come early next year. It will continue until they are all delivered, but mass vaccination, so the population that is neither on the front line, nor with comorbidities, nor with sensitivities, will probably occur in the spring. We can think that somewhere at the beginning of the year, January, February, in the best variant, there is still no approved vaccine, but it seems to be close. (…) Maybe, by the end of spring, we can finish the first round of vaccination for everyone,” President Iohannis said.


Iohannis on DSP’s volunteers: I’ve found that all volunteers are very well trained, have a calm, very professional approach


All volunteers are very well trained, said President Iohannis on Sunday, upon his visit to the Bucharest Public Health Directorate (DSP)’s Call center, within the National Arena.

“I wanted to know how the people who are here react. I’ve found that all volunteers are very well trained, have a calm, very professional approach, manage to calm people who have problems if they are sick and, especially, if they are infected with this novel virus. (…) We can see in the last few days that the measures taken by the authorities are starting to give the first results, the number of new infections per day has not increased in the last two weeks, we are on a plateau, but hospitals are getting busier,” Iohannis said, according to Agerpres.

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