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September 27, 2022

President Iohannis: I wish a large turnout in the elections, there are elections with a great stake

President Klaus Iohannis said on Monday that he wished for a large turnout in the parliamentary elections, underscoring that there would be no discriminations regarding the electors in the quarantined localities.

“It is somewhat difficult to estimate the voter turnout. There are some interpretations of sociologists, but, let me be very honest and tell you that I wish a large turnout in the elections. These are elections with a great stake, we elect next four years’ Parliament, four years in which we want to implement important reforms and we need a significant political stability. It is clear from all polls that PSD [the Social Democratic Party] will be kept outside the political decision and there it must stay, but, as for the rest, it also depends on how people turn out to vote,” the President said, during a press statement at the end of a visit at the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital.

He added that the polling stations would be prepared, so that the voting process took place in maximum safety.

“In regards to quarantine, let me tell you that there is no kind of discrimination for the electors, for the cities or localities that are quarantined. Regardless of you living in a city with a low incidence rate or living in a city that is quarantined, everyone has the same right to go to vote, everyone has exactly the same possibilities. The polling stations will be prepared everywhere, all conditions will be met for the vote to take place in maximum safety and that is why I invite Romanians to go to vote in large numbers,” Iohannis said.


No one got infected because of going to vote; polling stations safety, even better


President Klaus Iohannis said that in the parliamentary elections the health security of the polling stations will be better than in the local ones, but also that in the previous election the people who went to the polls did not get infected, but only those who did not respect the rules in force.

“We do not expect an increase in the number of infections or the infection rate after the parliamentary elections, for a very simple reason: we are well prepared, we know how we prepared for the local elections, it worked very well then and it will work much better now, because we processed all the cases that were to be processed and fortunately, there were very few from the local elections. Let me tell you that that increase was not due to the local elections.The local elections took place in the period in which all over the world, and especially throughout Europe, the number of cases increased from week to week,” Klaus Iohannis said in a press statement at the end of his visit to the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest.

He stressed that an increase in the infection rate after the parliamentary elections is not expected.

“The local elections were held in complete safety and no one became infected because they went to the polls, the people became infected because they did not follow all the rules that were in force at the time. In the meantime, we have stronger measures and we see that very many Romanians respect them. This is extremely good news. On the other hand, the medical safety of the polling stations will be better this time than at the local elections. As such, no, we do not expect an increase in the infection rate after the parliamentary elections,” Iohannis said, according to Agerpres.

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