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September 29, 2022

Happy Birthday, Romania! Happy Birthday, Romanians! Politicians’ congratulatory messages for the National Day stress need for unity, social cohesion and maturity

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban says that this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when Romanians are forced to mark the National Day without parades or other traditional events, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the examples of unity from the country’s history, adding that through “cohesion and unity” Romanians can overcome this moment, which can be seen as “a crucial one of our destiny.”

“Romania’s National Day, even if we celebrate it atypically this year due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, remains just as important for us because of the role that the Greater Union of December 1, 1918 played for the perfection of the nation state. 102 years have passed since then, during which there were also periods of hardship, which the Romanians overcame united in reaching some ideals or overcoming crises.Today, when we are forced, due to the pandemic, to mark the National Day without parades and other events that have become a tradition, it is a good opportunity to reflect, perhaps more than we did in the past years, on the examples of unity in our history,” says Orban in his message.

He adds that the current context can be seen as “a crucial new moment of our destiny”, which can be well overcome by showing “cohesion and social maturity.”

“We are moved by the significance of this day, in which all the Romanians’ sacrifices for national affirmation and the perseverance of a people to become a self-determined, independent nation are brought together, bringing all Romanian territories within the same borders. But let us look at this context as a crucial new moment of our destiny, which we can overcome well by showing cohesion and social maturity. Only through our united efforts can we save lives and defeat the virus, only through the convergence of all energies in society can we return to normalcy in order to then open a new path towards the modernisation of Romania.”

Orban concludes his message with the belief that the next National Day of Romania will find Romanians sound and safe.

“Happy birthday, Romania! Happy birthday, dear Romanians, and may the next National Day of Romania find us all well and celebrate it again as we should!” concludes Orban.


Marcel Ciolacu: No pandemic will ever be able to lock our souls out


National chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu told a National Day ceremony in Buzau that “no pandemic will ever be able to lock out what we carry in our souls.”

“I would have liked us to live in other times, to have all the people of Buzau with us today, as every year. And to honour together the memory of our forefathers who built Romania. Maybe the pandemic stopped many things; restrictions were put in place, but no pandemic will ever be able to lock out what we carry in our souls: our pride of being Romanians, our traditions and our ancestral faith. We are Romanians and we will always be, no matter how difficult it may be,” said Ciolacu.

He added that the national effort must be “the defeat of the invisible enemy who has reaped too many human lives” which he said required “a real partnership with the Romanians.”

“Today we planted these oaks in honour of our heroes from Buzau who fell for their country in WWI. Each oak is a story. It is the story of those who put the national ideal above their own lives. They sacrificed themselves so that we today may live united in one country. We must learn from our heroes that history rewards only those who have had courage. In achieving our ideals as a nation, we do not have time to feel sorry, we do not have time to bemoan, but only to continue to dare to hope and act. And then together we will succeed. And now the national effort must be to defeat this invisible enemy who has already reaped too many human lives. We can defeat this virus, but it takes courage and a real partnership with the Romanians. Only together with the Romanians can we win and I am convinced that this moment is very close,” added Ciolacu.

PSD national leader Marcel Ciolacu participated in National Day of Romania events at Crang Park in the city of Buzau and in the planting oaks in honour of 775 soldiers of the 48th Buzau Infantry Regiment who died in WWI.


DefMin Ciuca: National Day compels us all to look responsibly at what we do for Romania


Defence Minister Nicolae Ciuca sent a message on December 1, Romania’s National Day, in which he shows that this holiday compels all Romanian to look responsibly at what they do for their country.

“December 1 reminds us of our troubled history, of the way in which we knew how to preserve our national being even in the most difficult moments. (…) December 1 is also a moment of stock taking, a moment in which we think about the future, the future of Romania, about what we want for our children and young people. Therefore, remembering December 1, 1918 obliges us all to look responsibly at what we do for Romania. My thoughts go out to the memory of those who believed in Greater Romania and considered that nothing is enough to restore the freedom of Romanians to decide their own destiny, a destiny that today shows us that Romania is on the right track, through and with its people,”Ciuca says in a video message posted on Facebook.

He adds that amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the message of the Romanian Army is: “together we overcome any obstacle.”

“I am proud of the troops in theatres of war, of the troops participating in national missions, of the military doctors who have once again proved they are elite, of the civilian personnel, of the military students and high school students who have been involved as volunteers. A wish for good and gratitude to the families of our troops, to whom I want to task to remain united as before. Dear Romanians, thank you for being responsible, thank you for caring. Many of you have understood that we are at war, at war with an unseen, unpredictable enemy that has made us reevaluate mechanisms, procedures in the national paradigm for the running of the Romanian state, and also to readjust our daily lifestyles. (…) The message that the Romanian Army is sending today is a strong one: we fulfill the missions we take on, we overcome any obstacle together! Romania, be strong! Happy birthday, Romania! Happy birthday, Romanians!”

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