Opening of the A 7 – Bacau ring road motorway section. PM Orban: Moldavia to get large investment projects in the next years

Moldavia will get large investment projects that will have a major impact on the quality of life and income of Moldavian counties, according to Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, who on Wednesday joined President Klaus Iohannis, Transport Minister Lucian Bode, and Development Minister Ion Stefan in the opening of the A 7 – Bacau ring road motorway section.

“I wanted to be present (…) at the opening of this exceptional achievement, namely the completion of a construction of a ring road that includes almost 17 kilometers of the future A7 motorway more than a year ahead of schedule. This achievement clearly demonstrates that there are builders in Romania who really have the capacity to do quality work, to do work quickly and to be competitive by the value of the work that is done, in terms of price. (…) On this occasion, I want to say clearly: the next 4 years and, why not, the next 8 years will be years when Moldavia will receive what it has been waiting for 30 years from those it has invested confidence in it over the last 30 years (…) The Social Democratic Party (PSD) did not offer what Moldavians were waiting for. Moldavia will get large investment projects that will have a major impact on the level of development of Moldavia, on the quality of life, on the income of the inhabitants of the Moldavian counties,” said Orban.

The prime minister detailed the state of the play for the A7 motorway.

“Technical and economic documentation, studies are in almost final stages for every blueprint you see there, regardless of whether it is the A7 motorway, which connects Bucharest, providing exit from the country at Siret, on all 4 sections presented. In some cases the technical papers will be ready as well. As soon as the Recovery and Resilience Facility is adopted, Romania will qualify for 30 billion negotiated by President Klaus Iohannis; we will be able to get to fast signing construction contracts for the sections you see on A7,” Orban said.

He also mentioned the Bacau-Brasov motorway.

“Regarding the Bacau – Brasov motorway, a Brasov resident speaks to you, and I tell you that so that you understand that I have extra credibility for what I say: it will be built. It is an extremely important motorway that will provide – in addition to the Targu Mures – Iasi – Ungheni Union motorway – connection for Moldavia, especially Bacau, the counties south of Bacau, with the European transport infrastructure,” said Orban.

He also explained the plans envisaged for other investment objectives in the region of Moldavia.

“We are already working on the technical and economic documents for railway modernisation on the Pan-European Corridor 9, from Giurgiu to the exit to Ukraine. There are already contracts for the technical and economic documentations, and part of the railway sections to be upgraded we will be funded under the 2021-2027 financial programming. We are also requesting funding under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), for an extremely important investment objective, namely the Siret – Baragan canal, an investment project that was abandoned 30 years ago and that plays an extremely important role in the future, because it is clear that climate change can lead to droughts, as we have had this terrible drought this year, and we must be prepared in the coming years with solutions to ensure restoration of irrigation systems or construction of new ones,” said Orban, according to Agerpres.


Iohannis: Moldavia was left behind ‘care’ of PSD gov’ts; infrastructure projects will be carried out


President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that Moldavia, “care” of Social Democratic Party (PSD) governments, has been left behind, pointing out that infrastructure projects in the area would be carried through.

“It is no secret that Moldavia has been left behind, quote ‘care of the PSD governments’ unquote, and that cannot be continued. These works are designed to prove that we care about Moldavia and not at the level of stories and empty promises, but in terms of achievements. Infrastructure projects in the area of Moldavia and linking Moldavia to the rest of the country are still of the utmost importance and will be carried through, which is probably the best that can be assessed politically. It is clear what a useless PSD government meant, because they were useless for Moldavia, they did not solve anything, not even for the rest of the country. A useless PSD government in the rather recent past and a useful Liberal government. People are accusing me of praising the Liberals and the Liberal Government too. Well, I don’t praise them; I just show how things are. People here will see very quickly that this government, even in crisis conditions, even as a parliamentary minority, has achieved things that it promised,” Iohannis told the opening of the A 7 – Bacau ring road motorway section.

He underscored the importance of this motorway section and congratulated the builders on completing the project a year ahead of schedule.


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