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October 1, 2022

Tudose: PSD hopes to get a score of at least 35 per cent in the parliamentary elections, maybe close to 40

PSD’s (Social Democratic Party) Deputy Chairman Mihai Tudose on Wednesday stated that the Social Democrats hope to get a score of at least 35 per cent in the parliamentary elections, maybe close to 40 per cent after redistribution.

“The real poll will take place on Sunday and until then a lot can happen and I hope that much more Romanians will want to leave their cosy homes, while also forgetting about their fear of COVID-19, and go to the polling stations, for the bigger danger today in Romania is PNL (National Liberal Party) not COVID. So they should overcome all these things and sacrifice a half an hour of their lives in exchange for 4 years. This is what the vote will be about. If the result of the poll comes out as we think and hope, with a very good score for the PSD, of more than 35 per cent, considering also the redistribution, and after we see who will not make it to Parliament, maybe we can even get close to 40 per cent. So let’s see how the other will be doing and, then, the alliances policy, or maybe even a minority government with the support of Parliament. But we will see all about that on December 7 (…) Our wish is, if we can, to govern alone, based on the electors’ will,” Tudose told a press conference held at the headquarters of the PSD.

He added that, in the event that PSD will make the future Government, he will have, as a majority, party members as members of the Cabinet, and for certain “key-ministries” maybe “some specialists,” “better” than the ones the party has.

“There is an area, a ministry actually, but I will not say exactly which, where we have a very good specialist, but he won’t give up his job to join the government,” said Mihai Tudose, according to Agerpres.

He also said he doesn’t want to be a PM after the parliamentary elections. “Only if needed, maybe,” the former PM added.

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