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January 25, 2022

Orban: PNL considers it is the winner of these elections

The Liberals’ leader, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, declared that the National Liberal Party (PNL) is the moral winner as well as the winner at the end of the vote counting process and said he was “very confident” in the PNL’s ability to build a parliamentary majority alongside “democratic, Euro-Atlantic forces that respect the citizen and want Romania’s development” in order to form a government as soon as possible.

“What we see on TV are the results of an exit-poll or an opinion poll. The decision was taken by the Romanians by their turnout and we will know the result after the end of the counting process. Given that the sociological research does not include the votes cast from 19:30 to 21:00, the very numerous ballots cast from the diaspora and which continue to be cast in the diaspora, taking into account the margin of error, PNL considers that it is the winner of these elections, both the moral winner and the winner at the end of the vote counting process,” Ludovic Orban sated on Sunday evening, after the announcement of the exit-polls.

The PNL leader congratulated “all Romanians who decided to exercise their fundamental right to vote”.

“Despite the false campaigns, despite the discouragement practiced by other political parties, I respect all those who decided to participate in the vote in pandemic conditions and, as such, I thank them. I also especially thank all the Romanian citizens who came to the polls and decided to vote for the PNL. They made the right choice, a normal choice, a choice in Romania’s best interest,” Orban said.

In this context, the PNL leader asked the delegates from the polling stations of the “democratic, pro-European, democracy-friendly parties” to be “extremely careful” to the counting process.

“I am not saying this by chance, because we know the habits with which we have been fighting for 30 years. I repeat, all the delegates in the polling stations must be mobilized to the maximum and careful to every ballot cast by the Romanian citizens,” Orban said.

He voiced his confidence that the PNL would be able to form a parliamentary majority alongside democratic parties.

“I am very confident in the PNL’s ability to build a parliamentary majority together with the democratic, Euro-Atlantic forces, that respect the citizen and want Romania’s development, in order to be able to form a government as soon as possible, to give Romania what Romania needs – a responsible government, a government that can capitalize on the resources made available to Romania in the next 4 years and all the opportunities that Romania benefits from in the next 4 years,” Orban also stated.

The PNL leader also had a message for those who, for various reasons, chose not to cast their ballot.

“Power, in a society, belongs to the citizens. Not to exercise this power means to leave it in the hands of others. (…),” Orban pointed out, according to Agerpres.

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