Parliamentary elections 2020: Politicians rush to the polls, encourage voters to cast their ballots. “Electoral process is safe, every vote counts”. Statements from the ballot boxes

President Iohannis urges Romanians to vote, seize opportunity to choose better Parliament

President Klaus Iohannis has reiterated his call on Romanians to cast a ballot in the general election, saying that every vote counts.

“It is extremely important to go to the polls. (…) The elections are not won in the opinion polls, the elections are won at the polls and in the meantime it is very clear: every vote counts. Go to the polls!” Iohannis said Sunday after expressing voting at a polling station at the Jean Monnet High School in Bucharest.

He said it was an extremely important day.

“We have an opportunity, I would say a historical one, to choose a better parliament, a parliament that really deals with the problems of Romanians and a parliament that makes good laws for Romania,” Iohannis said.


Orban: I vote for dynamic, modern, respected internationally Romania


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman, said he voted for Romania’s development, for “substantial reforms”, a “clear Euro-Atlantic orientation” of the country, as well as for “a development plan that allows the leap that Romania deserves”.

“It is a decisive day for the further evolution of Romania. Today, Romanians have the power to decide in which direction Romania will go. I invite all Romanians to exercise their right to vote and to participate in this fundamental decision for Romania’s destiny. (. ..) As for me, I exercised my right to vote and I voted for the development of Romania. I voted for a dynamic, modern Romania, a Romania that is confident in its strengths, a Romania that is respected at the international level. I voted for substantial reforms, I voted for a clear Euro-Atlantic orientation of Romania, I also voted for a development plan that would allow the leap that Romania deserves”, said Ludovic Orban, on Sunday, after expressing his vote option at the General School no. 1 in Dobroesti, Ilfov County.

The head of the Executive added that there is no risk of contamination with the novel coronavirus if the health protection rules are observed, asked if the medical crisis could influence the turnout.

“I assure Romanians that the sanitary protection measures that have been put in place are respected and that there is no risk of contamination if these rules are observed. As such, do not believe those who tell you that it is dangerous to go to the polls. Go to vote confidently and use the power you have. It does not happen every day, it happens once every 4 years, put your seal on Romania’s fate for the next four years,” Orban said.


PSD’s Ciolacu: I voted for Romanians to take their lives back, against incompetence and indolence


The chair of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, declared on Sunday morning, after leaving the polls, that he voted for “Romanians to take their lives back”, but also against “incompetence and indolence”.

“I voted for the Romanians to take their lives back, I voted today for Romania to have a concrete plan and specialists capable of managing the pandemic and the economic crisis. I voted for those who need pensions, allowances, opened schools, but I also voted against incompetence and indolence. I voted for Romanian producers, for Romanian companies and I urge all Romanians to come to the polls today. It is a crucial vote for the following four years”, said Marcel Ciolacu.


Firea : I  voted with the thought of a parliamentary majority to better manage the sanitary crisis


The first vice-chair of Social Democratic Party (PSD), Gabriela Firea, said that she voted with the thought of a parliamentary majority to bring a governmental formula “with competent people” for a better management of the sanitary crisis.

“I voted with the thought of a parliamentary majority that could bring to the Romanians a government formula with specialists, with competent people, that would manage the health crisis much better (…) I also voted for a parliamentary majority that would put the foundations of a government formula that no longer throws the burden of the pandemic on the citizens, to reopen schools, to close churches and markets no more, to reopen the Horeca industry, to reopen theaters by respecting sanitary measures. The Parliament will respect and will force the Government to respect the legislation in force regarding the pensions and also the allowances for children”, said Gabriela Firea, when exiting from the polls.


Bucharest Mayor Dan votes for collaboration, pragmatism


Bucharest General Mayor Nicusor Dan has urged Romanians “to vote with their heads” and to think about “what is the best formula for governing Romania for the next four years.”

“I have voted for the development of Romania and Bucharest. Romania and Bucharest have an extraordinary opportunity because of 80 billion European funds that are coming. I have voted for collaboration and pragmatism, because to Bucharest it is very important to have collaboration with the central administration, and so is to Romania overall. Four years will go by without elections and it is important that the central administrations be able to have a dialogue with the local administrations, so that important projects are carried out in Romania. I have voted for justice and for the European path of Romania and, implicitly, against those who have endangered this direction. I am urging Romanians to come to the polls, because it is about their lives for the next four years. And, although we are a Latin nation, implicitly emotional, I am also urging them to vote with their head. I am urging them to keep in mind what has happened in Romania in the last four years and to think about what is the best formula for governing Romania for the next four years,” said Dan after voting at the Secondary School 279 in Bucharest.


FinMin Citu: I voted for a strong economy in Romania


The Minister of Finance, Florin Cîtu, stated that he voted on Sunday for a Romania with a strong economy.

“I voted for a Romania with a strong economy. An economy that should no longer be shunned by foreign investors. I voted for an economy in which private property is sacred and the entrepreneur a hero. The only type of economy that can produce the necessary resources for major investments in health and education. I voted for an economy with low taxes, and not so many,” Citu wrote on Facebook.

He urged voters to go to the polls on Sunday.


EduMIn  Anisie: I voted for a modern Romania


Minister of Education and Research Monica Anisie said she voted for a modern Romania on Sunday and urged voters to go to the polls.

“I came to the polls early in the morning to vote for a modern Romania, an educated Romania and I invite all Romanian citizens to exercise their fundamental right, namely the right to vote. To come to the polls and vote for Romania’s children. It is a very well organized voting by the authorities, there are measures taken in every polling station to prevent SARS-CoV-2 diseases. I hope that all citizens will come to the polls today,” she said.

Monica Anisie voted at a polling station organized at School no. 46 in Bucharest’s Sector 2.


Ponta: I want Romania out of crisis in 2021; I voted for people who know how to do that


Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta on Sunday stated, at the exit from the polls, that he wants Romania to come out of the crisis in 2021 and voted for people who know how to do that.

“Like every time, I voted “in favour,” I didn’t vote “against” something. I know a lot of people vote “against”. I voted “in favour” and I want to get out of the crisis in 2021. That’s why I voted for people who know how to do precisely that. Few people [at the polling stations – editor’s note], but I hope that those who come will be “in favour” of something and not “against” something. There is little hope, but I am positive that 2021 will be a better year,” said Ponta.


Cazanciuc: Today’s elections will represent a new milestone for a normal life


The interim president of the Senate, Robert Cazanciuc, the first candidate on the PSD (Social Democratic Party) Giurgiu list for a new mandate, states that education is a treasure that we have the obligation to carry on, and the school is meant to pass this treasure on to future generations.

“Today I voted at the polling station set up inside the “Mircea cel Batran” secondary school in Giurgiu so that this school will not be used solely as a polling station. Education is a treasure that we have the obligation to carry on, The school is meant to pass on this treasure, education, to the future generations,” Robert Cazanciuc said on Sunday.

He says that he expressed his right to vote and with the thought that Giurgiu County should be well represented in the Parliament and benefit from development projects.

“I voted so that aunt Maria would not carry the water with the buckets from miles away, so that uncle Ion would not have to worry about where he gets his firewood from, given that this country is, in fact, sitting on a bag of gas. All these things are going to be national programmes to really help, we voted so that people wouldn’t be afraid to go to the hospital because they will get even sicker, I simply voted to take our lives back, to have a normal life. I have fought for what is natural and I hope that today’s elections will represent a new milestone for a normal life, for a better life as every Romanian wants, here in our country, and not elsewhere,” concluded Robert Cazanciuc.


Tariceanu: I voted a democratic society where power is not concentrated in the hands of just one man.


Senator Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, who is running for a new term in Parliament on behalf of the Pro Romania Party, said that he voted for a democratic society where power is not concentrated “in the hands of just one man.”

“I cast my ballot today with the thought that there is a great danger lurking over our democracy, specifically the accumulation of power in the hands of one man. The temptation of totalitarianism has been around for centuries and millennia. Totalitarianism is not just left-wing. My generation has lived in the communist period and we suffered because of that. I wouldn’t want the generation of today and the generation of tomorrow to find themselves in the same political system where on person decides on everything. Power must be shared among several political actors, among the political institutions, Parliament, parties, the Executive. That’s the way it is in a democratic society and this is what I want for my Romania and for the Romanian citizens. We are waiting to see what the voters’ sovereign decision is today,” Tariceanu declared as he left the polling place organized at the “Mihai Eminescu” Seniors’ Club in Bucharest.


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