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October 1, 2022

Iohannis, first reaction after the parliamentary elections: Center-right coalition crystallizing; in a few days, political consultations

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Monday that following the parliamentary elections a center-right coalition is crystallizing and that in a few days he will convoke consultations with the parties that will enter Parliament.

“A center-right coalition is crystallizing which will be able to propose a coalition government. In just a few days I will convoke consultations with the parties that will enter Parliament, in order to find the best solution for Romania,” said the head of state at the Cotroceni Palace.

President Iohannis  also said on Monday that there is no winner in the parliamentary elections,  and stated that PNL and USR got more votes than in 2016, his conclusion being that the center-right has over 50%, and PSD can remain outside the political decision. He thanked all those who voted, guaranteeing that every vote would be taken into account. He noted that many Romanians are dissatisfied with him, with the parties, with the entire political class.

“The elections are over and I can draw the first conclusions. Let me first thank all those who left their homes, went to the polls and voted. I guarantee you that every vote counts. At the same time, however, we must be very honest – turnout has been reduced and it is very clear that there are many Romanians who have either not received enough information about these elections, or are simply dissatisfied – with me, the parties, the whole political class or certain measures that have been taken. I see these things and it is important that all politicians see these things. These reasons must be elucidated and I am very determined that in the next period, together with the Government that will be formed, we will analyze all these issues “, the president stated.

The president stressed that the elections’ results show that there is no clear winner of these elections.”If  we look at the provisional results at the moment we see that the PNL in 2016 had obtained 20%, while now it has obtained 25%, so a clear increase. USR, meanwhile, together with PLUS obtained 8% in 2016, meanwhile they have 15%, obviously an increase, and PSD, which had obtained 45% in 2016, has dropped dramatically to 29%,” stated  Iohannis.

“It is therefore clear, if we gather these results, that the center-right parties together obtained over 50% of the validly cast votes. I can tell you that this has been my goal and for this reason I had to express myself a little more often in public in recent weeks. In this way, after a whole cycle of elections, the PSD can remain outside the political decision “, Iohannis declared.

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