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May 10, 2021

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban resigns: I took the decision to turn in my mandate as Prime Minister

Chairman of the National Liberal Party Ludovic Orban announced this evening at the Victoria Palace of Government that he is resigning as Prime Minister, explaining that his decision has a precise objective – starting negotiations for a new government following the results in the parliamentary election held this Sunday.

“The Romanian citizens have expressed their vote in the election for Romania’s Parliament. Today I took the decision to turn in my mandate as Prime Minister. This decision has a very precise objective: once the will of the citizen was expressed, negotiations must start to form a new government. Romania needs a responsible government, a government that would represent the will of the Romanian citizens who desire the modernization of Romania and the development of Romania. And I want my decision today to clearly show one thing – I am not clinging to the position of Prime Minister, because the negotiations to follow must lead to a government made of the center-right political formations that clearly support Romania’s Euro-Atlantic orientation and that want to truly use the entirety of the resources Romania will have at its disposal and, at the same time, capitalize on the opportunities to increase the quality of life for each of Romania’s citizens,” Ludovic Orban said.

He stressed that he ends his term as Prime Minister after a year and a month during which “Romania has had an extremely difficult time, as the Romanians, along with all the world’s citizens, have been faced with a pandemic and an unprecedented economic crisis.”

“I tried to do my duty to Romania and I am leaving the position of Prime Minister with the clear conscience that I have fulfilled my duty. Everything that was humanly possible – both me and my colleagues in the government team – we did it. We have tried to find the right answers to all the challenges that Romania has faced,” added Orban.

Regarding the next government, he said that his goal is to build a parliamentary majority that does not include the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

“On December 6, the Romanians who went to the polls decided the structure of the future Parliament. My objective now is to build a parliamentary majority that does not include PSD. The target in the next period is for me to engage in negotiations for the formation of a government that will offer Romanians the guarantee of a correct direction for the country and the guarantee of the capacity to use all the resources and all the opportunities Romania will have at its disposal in the next four years,” Orban underscored.

He explained that President Klaus Iohannis will appoint a caretaker Prime Minister.

“After my resignation, the government will be headed by a member of the Cabinet who will be appointed by the President of Romania. I am also confident that in the negotiations that will be launched by the President of Romania, the voice of reason will triumph and I want to state this very clearly: I do not cling to any position, I don’t pose any conditions. For me, Romania’s interest is above the interest of the National Liberal Party and above my personal interests. I am convinced that in the coming days, the negotiations will really pave the way for a government that has the ability to take Romania forward, to cope with the challenges we face and especially to prepare Romania’s economic recovery after we put the pandemic behind,” said Orban.

In the end, he thanked everybody who was at the side of the PNL government this year.

“Let me thank all those who stood by our side in the hard battles we fought this year. I also want to tell the Romanian citizens that all the measures we have taken, even if they were met with displeasure by the people, were taken with a single purpose, namely to defend the health and the lives of the Romanians, to defend the Romanians’ jobs. I am convinced that in the future negotiations, the National Liberal Party will be able to give the Prime Minister Romania and provide the backbone of the future government that will take the leap to the economic development Romania needs,” Orban said, according to Agerpres.


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