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October 7, 2022

USR’s Barna: Collaboration with AUR within a Government coalition is out of question

Co-chair of USR PLUS (Save Romania Union – Freedom, Unity, Solidarity Party) Alliance Dan Barna on Monday ruled out the possibility of a collaboration with the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) political party, within a government coalition, as this party promotes “an extreme conservatism.”

“Let’s see the final results first and then we will take the necessary decision. With respect to AUR, of course, there is no way we enter a government coalition with them,” Barna told Digi 24 private television broadcaster.

According to him, the electorate of AUR is one “recovered from the former Romania Mare [Greater Romania Party – PRM],” whose “extremist” message gathered support in the context of the current crisis.

Dan Barna said that USR PLUS will analyse the result of the elections, with a Congress to be held next spring, following the merger of the two parties.

Barna also said he doesn’t think of resignation. “I am a fighter and I won’t give up, as more as the result last night was one that confirmed us as a modernising force and the force that is fundamentally needed in the next governing,” he said.


Absenteeism never brings solutions


Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Alliance (USR PLUS) Alliance co-chair Dan Barna considers it “a sad thing” that only three out of ten Romanians went to the polls in the parliamentary elections, stating that the very low turnout leads to “strange results.”

“The less good news is the unprecedented low turnout, the very small number of Romanians who decided to go to the polls and this is, from my point of view, a negative thing of these elections. The fact that on the one hand the political class has failed to deliver strong enough messages to understand this. But there is one more element. If we look at the United States – in the same pandemic and in a same truly dramatic situation, with a quarter of a million dead – yet there was the largest turnout in their history, which raises, somehow, a question mark about how much we care, as a society, about the direction our country has, because the fact that only three Romanians out of ten have decided to vote and say what they want Romania to look like is a sad thing. Absenteeism is not an answer to this problem, because absenteeism never gives solutions. There is bitter taste related to the low turnout,” Barna told Digi24.


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