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January 18, 2022

Romania’s Constitution Day: Revision of the fundamental Law is a “great responsibility”, Iohannis says. CCR’s Dorneanu: The Constitution is our national identity document

President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on Tuesday on the occasion of Romania’s Constitution Day, stating that the revision of the fundamental Law is a “great responsibility” approach and cannot be used as a campaign topic or ridiculed, because any change has profound, long-term implications.”

“In recent years, the revision of the Constitution has been discussed. I remain consistent with the idea that such an approach is an act of great responsibility, which must be done in such a way that legislative interventions really correspond to the social, economic and political reality in Romania. The revision of the fundamental Law can be used neither as an electoral campaign subject nor ridiculed, because any change has profound, long-term implications. The Constitution goes beyond the horizon of a generation and, for this reason, a thorough analysis of the consequences on the evolution of the state is required. Therefore, a future revision of the Constitution must authentically encompass not only the aspirations of the present generations, but also those of the next ones,” Iohannis says in the message.

He stressed that as president he will continue to ensure compliance with the Constitution, the proper functioning of state authorities and encourage the transposition of the values underlying the fundamental Law into political and social practices that make possible the democratic progress of our country.

“Today marks 29 years since the approval of the new Constitution by referendum, the Romanian nation affirmed its attachment to the supreme values of democracy, in the name of the ideals of the Revolution of December 1989. This vote not only enshrined the replacement of an authoritarian political regime with a pluralist one, but the aspiration for freedom, which guided the Romanians in the dark period of the communist regime. Romania’s constitution is a young one, so that the consolidation of our democratic path depends on the deep understanding of its spirit and on the authentic assumption by all political and institutional actors of the values that underlie it,” Iohannis adds.

He emphasizes that “respect for pluralism, curbing the tendency to use the law for private gain and understanding the role and functions of the Romanian Constitution are fundamental issues.”

“All the more as in many of the turning points, it turned out that the Constitution was not the source of political slippages or tendencies to move away from the democratic course of Romania, but the inability of some decision-makers to apply it in good faith and to understand the role and responsibility that a public office involves,” said the head of state.


CCR’s Dorneanu: The Constitution is our national identity document


The Constitution is the document of our national identity and in any rule of law there is a direct relationship between the degree of observance of the fundamental law and the level of protection of all values, said on Tuesday the CCR (Constitutional Court of Romania) head Valer Dorneanu, on the occasion of the Romanian Constitution Day.

“On December 8, Romania celebrates the Constitution Day, thus proclaimed by Law No. 120/1995, as a sign of homage paid to the Constitution approved by the national referendum of December 8, 1991. This has become the fundamental document by which, in Romania, the rule of law and constitutional democracy were founded. It was revised in 2003, when its construction was consolidated and adjusted to the developments of the rule of law, society and the new Euro-Atlantic context. The constitution is our national identity document. Consecrated through the sovereign will of the people, it is the body of the fundamental principles and norms that are equally addressed to the authorities of the state and its citizens. Therefore, the Constitution is the sacred book of our existence, and its anniversary it is a real celebration,” Dorneanu stated.

The Constitution is the “working tool” of the CRR, and the meaning of its existence consists in defending the fundamental values inscribed in the fundamental law, Dorneanu added.

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