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October 5, 2022

Iohannis on the International Anticorruption Day: It is fundamental for the health of the state and society that this phenomenon be firmly fought

President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on Wednesday on the occasion of the International Anticorruption Day, stressing that the phenomenon of corruption must be fought “firmly” by the institutions responsible for the “health of the state and society.”

He noted that the International Anticorruption Day, established by the United Nations Convention against Corruption, brings to mind that everyone’s efforts for a better society, “in which integrity is assumed at all levels,” must continue in a sustained manner.

“Corruption is a complex phenomenon, deeply rooted in the practices of those who seek to use public power in personal or group interests. In a broad sense, corruption is not just about bribe taking and bribery. Bribery, cronyism, abuse of power are all forms of this scourge that erode the development of a society. Whether we are talking about political, financial, administrative or academic corruption, corruption in the health system or in education, it is absolutely fundamental for the health of the state and society that this phenomenon be firmly fought by the institutions in charge. The sanctioning dimension must, indeed, be such as to discourage these harmful behaviors which do much harm to society and hinder its progress,” the head of state said.

He pointed out that without a “systemic” preventive effort focused on building a “culture of integrity,” fighting corruption will not be enough.

According to him, the progress of the Romanian society in the last years regarding the fight against corruption is “visible,” but the effort of the institutions in this direction must be a “continuous” and “sustained” one, fully respecting the principle according to which no one is above law.

He said he would continue to work for a “legislative and institutional construction that would be a catalyst for a developed Romania, built on integrity, honesty and common sense.”

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