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December 9, 2022

Impact Developer & Contractor announces that Greenfield Baneasa is sold out, by year end

IMPACT Developer & Contractor announces the completion of the stock of apartments built in the first three phases of the Greenfield Băneasa project. The neighbourhood is in the process of expanding with a new phase of development and new facilities that will turn it into the most attractive residential project in Bucharest.

Known as the neighbourhood embraced by the forest, Greenfield Băneasa is built to the highest standard in the segment of affordable housing and enjoys a unique location with much better air values compared to the center or other neighbourhoods of Bucharest, recording similar values to the air of a mountain town.

For Impact Developer & Contractor, Greenfield Băneasa is its reference project, developed on a large scale of over 60 hectares, in the long term, between 2007 and 2028. Currently, the 3-phase neighbourhood is completed and has a contracting percentage of 98.7 %. On November 30, 33 units were available for sale, mostly 4-room apartments, out of the 2,548 completed apartments so far.

“Greenfield is a very appreciated project both due to the quality of the construction, but also to the offered facilities. We will soon run out of apartment stock and focus only on the New Greenfield. Currently, for the 33 units still available in stock, we have advanced discussions, which will materialize in the next period, if there are no new restrictions or unforeseen situations caused by the Covid-19 virus “, says Sorin Apostol, CEO Impact Developer & Contractor.

With a clear goal included in the brand name, Impact aims to transform Greenfield Băneasa into the largest green project in Central and Eastern Europe, for which the company is preparing strategic partnerships to identify and implement green solutions appropriate to a modern lifestyle and in accordance with ecological norms.

Impact’s vision is to continuously improve the construction process, which is why the New Greenfield will include solutions specific to a Green project: large-scale use of renewable energy, buildings and systems with high energy efficiency, efficient and sustainable water management, waste management, low-emission transportation solutions, smart home and smart city solutions.

Despite the economic-social context caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the health crisis, the developer continues to drive the development of the flagship project, convinced of the proven attractiveness of the Greenfield neighbourhood. So far, the built area covers 30 ha, and the new stages under construction are carried out on an area of 9 ha. Developed between 2020 and 2022, the community center is spread over a land area of 32,071 sqm, of which 21,496 sqm are allocated to the shopping center that will serve both residents and other residents of Sector 1 and neighbourhoods. Greenfield Plaza will include shopping and service area, fitness and SPA center, state school and kindergarten, promenade and recreation areas.

As part of its social responsibility policy in 2020, Impact donated to the City Hall of Bucharest 9,620 square meters of land and the construction project, worth 1.75 million Euros, to build public schools, which provides easy access to educational centres for the children from Greenfield, but also for the other inhabitants from Băneasa area.

An important pillar of the development strategy of IMPACT DEVELOPER & CONTRACTOR remains in the next period the Capital Market. Impact Developer & Contractor has been listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since 1996, currently being included in the Main segment in the Premium category with a market capitalization that exceeded RON 400 million at the beginning of December. In 2020, Standard & Poor’s reconfirmed Impact’s B-stable rating, thus validating IMPACT DEVELOPER & CONTRACTOR’s business strategy and long-term development prospects.

In the next period, Impact envisages a new Euro-denominated bond issue, brokered by TradeVille, which will target capital market investors. The value of the tender is EUR 6 million, with the possibility of extending it to EUR 15 million. The bonds will have a maturity of 6 years, and the fixed annual coupon rate, paid semi-annually, will be established in the placement, by the auction method and will be between 5.9% – 6.4%

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