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October 5, 2022

On the eve of Independence Day, Kazakh President participates in solemn ceremony of conferring state awards

On the eve of Independence Day by the presidential decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a large group of citizens state were awarded for significant contribution to socio-economic and cultural development of the country, strengthening of friendship and cooperation among Nations, active public activities.

Among the awardees are prominent representatives of the industrial sector, business, education, healthcare, military personnel, law enforcement officers, athletes, war and labor veterans, cultural and scientific figures.​

Addressing the participants of the ceremony, the Kazakh President Kassym – Jomart Tokayev congratulated them on Independence Day and stressed that Independence is a solid Foundation of our statehood, a reliable Foundation of sovereignty.

“For Kazakhstan-a country with a rich history and deep roots-there is no greater value. This is the most precious treasure, the most intimate possession. This is why we value the Independence that our ancestors dreamed of. Sovereignty is an invaluable asset that not every nation has. The chronicle of our Independence is closely connected with the historical figure of the first President – Elbasy, ” said Kassym – Jomart Tokayev.

The head of state noted that the pandemic prevented the country’s main national holiday from being widely celebrated. For the sake of health, life and well-being of citizens, all events will be held in a limited format and online. However, this in no way detracts from the values and significance of Independence Day, the President believes. He is sure that the festive atmosphere of the main holiday will be in every home, filling the hearts of all Kazakhstanis with joy and pride.

“My main mission as President is social justice and increasing the welfare of the people. Therefore, the focus of the state’s daily efforts is to improve the quality of life of our citizens. This year, we have increased the amount of pensions and social benefits for about 4 million citizens. Increased social insurance payments by an average of 50 %. We have introduced a guaranteed social package for more than 500 thousand children from low-income families. To support people who find themselves in difficult situations during the pandemic, we have taken an unprecedented step in our region. Direct payments were made to citizens in the amount of 42,500 tenge. More than 4.5 million citizens received financial assistance from the state. The granted deferral on loans made it possible to prevent the default of about 1 million 900 thousand Kazakhstanis , ” Kassym-Jomart Tokayev stressed.

The President emphasized that in the conditions of geostrategic uncertainty, the political egoism and economic nationalism of countries in the international arena are increasing. In his opinion, in the modern world, the global status of peoples is largely determined in the fierce race for technological leadership.

– The importance of harmonious integration of internal and external development tasks of the country is growing dramatically. We need to mobilize all our forces and resources to increase the real competitiveness of Kazakhstan. Today, consolidation of the nation and selfless service to the values of Independence of every citizen are more important than ever. We will continue our external course to strengthen the international security system, contributing to the strengthening of the role of multilateral structures and the UN. We will firmly defend our national interests and consistently pursue a balanced and constructive foreign policy that has proven its effectiveness in the modern multipolar world” the Head of state said.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted that the 29th year of our Independence was difficult, dramatic, and unconventional. Such fateful trials do not fall to the lot of every generation. Having been severely hardened by the global crisis, the state will set itself even bolder goals and objectives.

“The coming year will be a milestone for us. It will be held under the sign of the 30th anniversary of our Motherland’s Independence. This is a time to take stock and reflect on the path you have traveled. We will mark this important date for our people with concrete actions and new projects. We will move away from the format of high-profile actions and pretentious events, and all work will be built as pragmatically as possible. We will continue to implement a comprehensive set of systemic measures in the economy, social sphere, and environment. We will pay close attention to the needs of all segments of the population, especially young people, women, and people with disabilities. We are determined to continue the process of political modernization of the country, ” the President said.

The head of state announced a new package of reforms, which will be announced early next year. This will give a new impetus to the democratic transformation in Kazakhstan, aimed at building a “listening state”, promoting and approving the principles of justice and equal opportunities.

Another important event in the coming year will be the elections to the Mazhilis and maslikhats of all levels. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev expressed confidence that the elections will demonstrate high civic activity and political maturity of our society. The election campaign will once again convincingly prove the institutional stability of Kazakhstan’s statehood.

The speech gave a high assessment of the work and merits of Kazakhstanis who received their awards from the hands of the President during the ceremony.

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