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September 29, 2022

President Iohannis holds consultations with parliamentary parties in view of designating the candidate for the position of PM

President Klaus Iohannis is discussing on Monday, at the Cotroceni Palace, with the representatives of the parties and political formations represented in the future Parliament, in view of designating the candidate for the position of Prime Minister.


PSD’s Ciolacu: We spoke only about a Government of national union with Alexandru Rafila as Prime Minister


The Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, declared on Monday that he proposed, at the meeting at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, a Government of national union with Alexandru Rafila as Prime Minister.

According to Ciolacu, President Klaus Iohannis mentioned that the PSD’s proposal for prime minister in the person of Alexandru Rafila is an “honorable one”.

“We spoke only of the option of a national union Government. (…) The President said that the PSD proposal, Alexandru Rafila, is an honorable proposal. I mentioned the fact that those ridiculous negotiations, sidelining the Constitution, from Villa Lac 1 do not have their place in a real democracy. I have insisted that Romania is going through a complicated period, both in terms of the pandemic, the health crisis and the economic crisis, and we cannot allow ourselves a fragile majority in Parliament and we consider that a Government of national union is currently the best solution for Romania. Usually, in this political construction, the party that won the elections must appoint the prime minister in the person of Mr. Rafila,” Ciolacu told a press conference at the PSD headquarters after the meeting at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace with President Klaus Iohannis.

Earlier on Monday, prior to the meeting with Iohannis,  Ciolacu, stated that the head of state must understand that “he lost” the parliamentary elections and must accept the nomination of the Social Democrats for the position of Prime Minister.

“We go today to the Cotroceni [Presidential Palace] with a clear mandate given by Romanians. The electorate has punished the former government led by Mr. Orban and by President Iohannis. President Iohannis, today, must understand the fact that he lost these elections and must accept the PSD nomination, in the person of Prof. Dr. Alexandru Rafila, so that he can be the future Prime Minister-designate. We will hand to the President the PSD governing programme as well. I am firmly convinced that he will find the path in this governing programme to also designate Mr. Rafila as Prime Minister,” said Ciolacu, at the PSD headquarters, before going towards the Cotroceni Palace for consultations with the head of state.

The PSD delegation participating in the Cotroceni consultations was composed of Marcel Ciolacu, Paul Stanescu, Sorin Grindeanu, Gabriela Firea and Vasile Dancu.


Orban: I presented PNL  proposals : Citu for PM,  Chamber of Deputies Speaker for Liberals


The leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, said on Monday that he presented to President Klaus Iohannis the proposal for Prime Minister, Florin Citu, and that he was proposed to take over the role of Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

“I participated in the consultations called by President Klaus Iohannis. (…) I presented to the President that PNL remains dedicated to the objective to form a center-right government that could ensure the development of Romania, the reformation of public systems and the economic leap that it needs. (…) I presented to the President that our proposal for the position of Prime Minister is Mr. Florin Citu. Furthermore, the other component of the mandate, namely that the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies position be held by the chairman of the National Liberal Party,” said Orban after the consultations.

He said that the PNL does not agree with the participation of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in government.


PNL proposes holding Chamber speaker office for good reasons


National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban on Monday said that the PNL decided to claim that the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies should be held by him for very well-founded reasons, taking into account the weight of the majorities created and the political experience.

Orban added that the Liberals want the government to be invested as soon as possible, noting that, on the other hand, “the formation of coalitions is born within a reasonable time.”

Ludovic Orban also said that he had made several proposals to unblock the situation regarding the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, but no agreement was reached.

He said that the PNL also proposed a formula to take into account the share of majorities created.

Asked if Klaus Iohannis supports his candidacy for the Chamber of Deputies, Orban said that the PNL decided this mandate for very good reasons.

“The majority we have in Parliament is a majority of 10 votes. We have 244, of course, if we succeed in discussions with the minorities, we will have a larger majority. But for now, the majority is 244, it takes a lot of experience, so that governmental projects can be adopted by Parliament and the Chamber of Deputies, which has prerogatives in the economic, fiscal and social fields, where there will be extremely strong battles. Here, however, there are political arguments related to the share of the National Liberal Party in the formation of the majority, of 55%, and arguments related to political experience, related to the actual capacity to secure majorities to support government projects and to prevent the adoption of normative acts that to put the government in trouble,” Orban added.

He also showed that he agreed with the discussion partners not to give individual points of view during the negotiations, but all three to publicly present in agreement everything that was agreed, and PNL will respect this agreement.


Barna: We are optimistic about chances of establishing a stable and balanced center-right majority


Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Union and Solidarity (USR PLUS) alliance co-chairman Dan Barna on Monday said that, following the consultations at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, the alliance is optimistic regarding the chances of establishing a stable and balanced center-right majority.

“We conveyed to the president the consistent position of USR PLUS. It was a message in which we expressed our expectation and decision to enter a coalition through which to build, not to make another improvisation similar to those of the past 30 years. It was a message in which we said very clearly that it is important that this coalition, which will be formed in the next period – and we are sending this message – we are very optimistic that we will reach a solution. After the consultations today, we are optimistic that there is a real chance for Romania to have a stable and balanced center-right majority. This was the message I sent. It is important for this coalition not to be one for six months, for a year, but a coalition with the potential to govern Romania for four years and to make those very important reforms,” said Dan Barna.


Simion: We decide to propose Calin Georgescu as PM


The co-chairman of the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR), George Simion, declared on Monday that he came to the meeting at Cotroceni with President Klaus Iohannis with a proposal of the prime minister – Calin Georgescu.

“The AUR proposal for the post of prime minister, seeing that the parties in the first, second and third places did not come with convincing names, we decided to propose to the country a name of prime minister, Mr. Calin Georgescu. I would like to address PSD [Social Democratic Party] voters, if they are satisfied with the proposal made by PSD and make a comparison between Alexandru Rafila, the one who agreed with our lockdown in homes and the abusive measures against our elders, to compare Alexandru Rafila with Calin Georgescu,” Simion specified.

He added that what recommends Calin Georgescu for this position are his international experience and the three elements that AUR requires from the leaders of Romania – “to be patriotic, loving people, to be honest, with integrity and to be good professionals.”


Kelemen Hunor: The best governmental formula is PNL-USRPLUS -UDMR


Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Chairman Kelemen Hunor on Monday said that the best formula is a National Liberal Party – Save Romania Union-Party of Liberty, Union, Solidarity – Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (PNL – USR PLUS – UDMR) governmental and parliamentary coalition.

“Today, at the invitation of the president, we were present in the first round of consultations at the Cotroceni Palace and said that, after the official result of the vote on December 6, there are several formulas to ensure governmental stability. From our point of view, the best and perhaps the only formula we can discuss is a PNL – USR PLUS and UDMR governmental and parliamentary coalition, which would mean a solid majority, not constitutional (…), but with the support of the group of national minorities, other than the Hungarian, we would have a solid majority with which we could govern for four years,” the UDMR leader told a press conference.

He mentioned that the most important thing is a programme on which a future governance can be built.


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