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October 1, 2022

GCS: 5.340 new COVID-19 cases recorded in Romania in past 24 hours; tests conducted – 27.482

A number of 5,340 new cases of persons infected with SARS-CoV-2 were recorded in the past 24 hours, following the administering of 27,482 tests at the national level, informs, on Friday, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS).

These are cases that had no prior positive test, the GCS mentions.

On Romanian territory there were, up to now, 582,786 cases of persons infected with the novel coronavirus confirmed.

A number of 484,948 persons were declared cured.

According to the GCS, up to this time, at the national level, 4,561,726 tests have been processed. Of them, 27,482 were conducted in the past 24 hours, 18,226 on the basis of the case definition and medical protocol and 9,256 on demand.

Furthermore, since the last informative bulletin from the GCS, the results of 47 tests processed prior to the 24 hour window were reported.


188 people infected with SARS-CoV-2 die in the last 24 hours


A number of 188 people infected by the novel coronavirus – 121 male and 67 female – have died within the last 24 hours, total mortality rate reaching 14.157 people, informed, on Friday, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS).

One death was recorded in the category of 30-39 year old, 5 deaths for the 40-49 category, 16 for the 50-59 category, 36 for the 60-69 category, 76 for the 70-79 category and 54 at the over 80 year category.

According to the GCS, 176 of deaths occurred in patients who presented comorbidities, 6 of them did not present comorbidities, and for 6 people there were no reports regarding comorbidities up until now.

A number of 11.710 people with COVID-19 are currently admitted in health institutions, of which 1.270 in intensive care, GCS said on Friday.


1,006 people, reconfirmed positive with COVID-19


A number of 1,006 people have been reconfirmed positive with COVID-19 as a result of re-testing, announced, on Friday, the Strategic Communications Group (GCS).

A number of 5,340 new cases of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 were registered within the last 24 hours, as a result of 27,482 national tests, the Strategic Communications Group informed.


Infection rate up in Ilfov County, mild decrease in Bucharest


Ilfov County records a rate of infection with the novel coronavirus, accumulated at 14 days, of 7.15 per thousand inhabitants, in large increase from the previous day, when it scored 6.45 per thousand inhabitants, informs the Strategic Communication Group on Friday.

Bucharest comes second with 6.57 per thousand inhabitants, down from the previous day, when there were 6.64 per thousand inhabitants, and third is the County of Constanta with 6 per thousand inhabitants.


Bucharest, leader with most new cases in past 24 hrs, most cases countrywide


The areas with the most newly confirmed cases of coronavirus compared to the last reporting are Bucharest – 1,088 and the counties of Constanta – 332, Brasov – 314 and Ilfov – 303, according to data transmitted on Friday by the Strategic Communication Group (GCS).

Most cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection were recorded, from the beginning of the pandemic to the present, in Bucharest – 90,486 and in the counties of Cluj – 26,723 and Iasi – 24,895, according to GCS.


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