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September 29, 2022

Ministry of Education to hold consultations with representatives of pupils, students, parents and teachers on reopening the schools

The Ministry of Education announces that this week it will hold consultations with representatives of pupils, students, parents and teachers to analyze the measures required both for the reopening of schools and in terms of compensating for the losses suffered by the education system during the health crisis.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Education sent to AGERPRES on Monday, consultations with health decision-makers are also planned for next week.

“We have planned this week consultations with representatives of pupils, students, parents and teachers, to analyze the full range of measures required both to reopen schools and to compensate for the losses suffered by the education system during the health crisis. Next week, we have also planned consultations with health decision-makers,” the same source states.

The Ministry of Education would like to reopen schools as soon as possible, depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation and the vaccination campaign, the release also reads.

“We want the second semester to take place in a traditional format, but we will be able to give our responsible and substantiated decision only after mid-January, namely in the last decade of the month,” the said source mentions.


Cimpeanu: I want schools to reopen as soon as possible, decision to be taken after well-grounded analysis


Education Minister Sorin Cimpeanu told AGERPRES on Monday that he wants schools to return to in-person classes as soon as possible, but that this decision will be taken only based on a responsible and well-grounded analysis, which will primarily look at epidemiological developments.

“In my capacity as Minister of Education, I want schools to reopen in the classic instruction format as soon as possible. Following talks with most of the entities involved in the education process, as well as discussions with representatives of the Health Ministry, with decision makers from the National Committee for Emergency Situations and from the vaccination campaign, I inform you that this decision will be taken on the basis of a responsibly reasoned analysis that will first of all take into account epidemiological developments. We are waiting for the figures regarding the number of infections after the winter holiday, which will be available around January 15,” the Minister said.

Cimpeanu explained that he has requested school inspectorates and universities to report by January 15 for each educational unit the number of teaching, auxiliary and non-teaching staff who are willing to take the COVID vaccine, amid high hopes that the vaccination campaign will unfold smoothly. “As soon as we have these elements, the number of infection cases after the winter holidays and the number of education system workers who are available for vaccination, we will proceed to an analysis with all those entitled and we will make a decision, most probably in the last decade of January,” the EduMin said.

According to the Minister, in making the decision the authorities will also look at the measures adopted by other states, as well as at the reports from the education system regarding the number of students at risk due to the difficulties encountered during the online teaching process.

“Only when we will have collected all this data will we be able to make a well-reasoned decision regarding this desire we all have, for classic instruction to resume in the second semester,” the Education Minister underscored.

“Whether we are talking about a priority for the little ones or for those who take the national exams, or whether we are talking about the priority of the areas with a lower infection rate, as per the request of the National Council of Students, we don’t rule out any scenario that could result following a correct and comprehensive analysis that will be done in the second half of January, most probably in the last decade of the month,” Cimpeanu concluded.

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