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January 19, 2021

PSD’s Ciolacu: In first week of government, new power has already “fooled Romanians five times”

Social Democratic Party (PSD) chairman Marcel Ciolacu claims that, in the first week of government, the new power has already “fooled Romanians five times,” and after the elections, everything that was promised became “aggression.”

“In the first week of government, the new power has already fooled Romanians five times! After the elections, everything that was promised became aggression! The Right’s Government is making fun of 5 million retirees. Last year, PNL [National Liberal Party] gave pensioners an increase of only 14 per cent before the elections and promised to increase their pensions by the difference of up to 40 per cent in 2021. Citu’s reality is that pensions will not increase until September, with a tiny percentage, which does not cover price increases for food, medicine and utilities. They lied to you, they fooled you,” Ciolacu wrote on Facebook on Monday.

He added that the government “impoverishes” 5.5 million employees.

“The incomes of public sector workers are freezing this year. In the private sector, there is no mention of the USR [Save Romania Union]’s promise “Zero Taxes on the minimum wage”! There will be taxes, and the minimum salary increases by only 2 lei per day, an amount that does not even cover protection masks. More than 1.4 million employees are being sent back into extreme poverty, left to starve. They have lied to you, they have fooled you! The Right’s Government is humiliating more than 215,000 teachers. In the last year, they have said teachers’ salaries will be increased, the law will be observed and money will be provided in the budget. In August, the lie was exposed: education was no longer a priority, increases were postponed. Today I come and tell you that in 2021 teachers’ salaries will not go up,” said the PSD leader.

Ciolacu also claims that the Government “condemns Romanian SMEs and entrepreneurs” and “tramples on Justice.”

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