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October 1, 2022

Tokayev: Independence — A most precious thing

This year Kazakhstan marks the 30th anniversary of its Independence. This is an important milestone that marks the revival of the Kazakh statehood and the acquisition of freedom.

In his article “Independence above all”, President Tokayev conditionally divided the era into three decades.

He marked the first decade of Independence as the time of laying the foundation of a new Kazakhstan under the leadership of the First President of Kazakhstan-Elbasy N. Nazarbayev. During this period, the national currency was introduced. The Armed Forces have been created. The Basic Law of the country has been adopted. Diplomatic relations with foreign countries have been established. Kazakhstan has become a member of reputable international organizations.

The second decade is a period of expanding the horizons of statehood. Over the years, all land borders have been legally formalized. The program “Cultural Heritage” was implemented. The revival of the Northern Aral Sea. Congresses of leaders of world and traditional religions were initiated, a summit of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe was organized, and a number of other important international projects were implemented. The new capital, built on the banks of the Yesil River, which has become a national symbol. Housing construction was developing at an unprecedented pace.

In the third decade, all issues related to the state border were finally resolved. The Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050” was adopted, which outlined the goal of entering the top thirty developed countries of the world.

Large-scale programs have been implemented in various spheres, and Elbasy has become a symbol of Independence of modern Kazakhstan.

President K.Tokayev outlined the main goals of the fourth decade – a strong state and a competitive nation. Along with improving the social situation of the population, the protection of the rights and equal opportunities of every citizen are also of great importance for the President. So he outlined his understanding of a just state.

“During the period of totalitarianism, we almost lost our traditions, language and religion. Thanks to Independence, we were able to revive and strengthen our values. But if we want to survive as a nation and a State, present and future generations must be prepared for new challenges.

The current pandemic and the subsequent crisis have clearly shown that the entire world is facing unprecedented challenges today. In addition to economic, social, environmental, biological and other threats, various “ideological viruses” are widely spread. In the era of rapid globalization, it is increasingly difficult to recognize its negative impact. In other words, many people find themselves caught up in dangerous illusions, losing their core. Therefore, while remaining a part of the world community, we must be sensitive to our roots. We must not break away from our original culture and unique traditions that make up our national identity. Only by protecting and strengthening it will we be able to preserve ourselves in the civilizational chaos, “said Tokayev.

The President of Kazakhstan stressed that the people of Kazakhstan gained freedom thanks to the heroic struggle of their ancestors. “They have had many hardships and trials. It is important to keep these pages of history in the memory of the people,” he added.

He noted that “the idea of statehood and selfless service to the Motherland should be reflected in all historical works, both documentary and artistic”. President K.Tokayev called the support of scientists and writers dealing with this topic.

“100 years have passed since the dramatic events of the famine of 1921-1922, in which millions of people died or were forced to flee to survive. If this terrible tragedy had not happened, the number of our people would have been many times greater than it is now.

These pages of our history are still white spots and have not been fully studied. Even among scientists, there is no consensus on the real number of victims. Different interpretations of the sources and causes of mass starvation mislead society. It is necessary to study and analyze in detail the relevant historical documents and available data,”  President K.Tokayev also stated.

“There is nothing more distant than the past, there is nothing closer than the future,” says the Kazakh folk wisdom. The President of Kazakhstan proposed to write a short history of Kazakhstan for a foreign audience and translate it into the main languages of the world in order to tell the world the true centuries-old history of the Kazakh people.

“Every nation should write its own history, not succumbing to the influence of an alien ideology. A story written from the perspective of national interests contributes to the awakening of national consciousness»

“We must be ready to defend national interests not only through diplomacy, but also from tougher positions.” It is known that Kazakhstan has completely resolved the issue of borders, even at sea-the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea of 2018.

In addition, the President of Kazakhstan stated that “knowledge of the state language is the duty of every citizen of Kazakhstan.” At the same time, he noted that the wide use of the Kazakh language does not mean any restriction on the use of other languages, especially Russian, since the possession of several languages opens up wide horizons. “Political reforms are not a matter of one day or even one year, but they cannot be delayed either”.

President Tokayev noted that it is unacceptable that the acceleration of political modernization, populist slogans lead to a crisis of the state system. “From the experience of some countries, we can see what a sharp paradigm shift leads to. Law and order must prevail in our country on the basis of full respect for human rights. It is obvious that anarchy and permissiveness will not lead to good.”

At the same time, the upcoming elections to the Mazhilis (note – the lower house of Parliament, the elections will be held on January 10, 2021) are an important step towards the development of a multi-party Parliament.

In addition, the President of Kazakhstan believes that “we should not worry about young people who leave the county. Our task is to educate the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and direct their efforts for the benefit of the country, wherever they are. For example, for our compatriots working in the most advanced companies in the developed countries of the world, conditions should be created for the transfer of experience and knowledge to their peers in Kazakhstan.”

At the same time, he noted that the number of highly qualified and well-educated young people is growing in the country, many of whom will eventually join the cohort of new progressive leaders of the country.

In addition, he proposed to establish a grant to support young talented Kazakhstanis.

“A person is not born a patriot. He becomes one by receiving appropriate education and upbringing, socializing and forming his civic identity. A person who feels that his personal goals and interests are in tune with the public good, and sees his contribution to the development of the country, finds real happiness,” President K. Tokayev concluded.

Photo: www.akorda.kz

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