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January 18, 2021

State budget might be voted in Parliament on February 4

Prime Minister Florin Citu declared on Wednesday that the Executive has begun to prepare the state budget for 2021 and that the proposal is for the budget to be voted in Parliament on February 4.

“I asked an analysis of the current pieces of legislation in force and which have a budgetary impact, but cannot be fully supported in 2021’s budget (…) all pieces of legislation, for each ministry, with a budgetary impact, we will see where we will place them,” he said.

In this sense, each minister needs to come with a presentation note. Citu added that he asked the ministries that have in their subordination economic operators “to make an analysis based on the accounting reports”.

“Until the 4th of February, each minister must present to the Government approval, a memorandum which contains the current situation of these economic operators, the causes that determined the registration of losses, outstanding payments and so on, and, of course, a set of solid measures, quantifiable and with clear terms for making these companies more efficient”, the Prime Minister said, according to Agerpres.

He underlined that “granting sums from the budget to these economic operators will be firmly conditioned by respecting the mentioned measures in these memorandums”.

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