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October 5, 2022

PSD: PM Citu upset that Brussels exposed extent of his deception of Romanians

The opposition’s Social Democratic Party (PSD) suggests that Prime Minister Florin Citu is bothered by Brussels having revealed how far he has crossed the line in deceiving the Romanians when he “inflated” on paper the amount of the financing granted to the economy to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, Agerpres reports.

“Red ink Premier Citu is upset that Brussels has exposed the extent of his deception of the Romanians when he inflated on paper the amount of the financing granted to the economy to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. In reality, on Citu’s watch, Romania managed the record of having the most meagre stimulus package among EU countries, just 1.4 percent of GDP – 5 or even 10 times less than its neighbors! Citu’s attempt to twist the sense of the EC letter and turn black into white is to no avail. The European Commission states it clearly that the fiscal-budgetary slippage had already set in Romania as early as March 2020, ‘before the COVID outbreak’ – and here is also the translation in Romanian for the US university graduate Florin Citu to understand). They couldn’t care less about the country,” reads a PSD Facebook message.

The Social Democrats add that “Citu’s political boss” continues the model “everything for us, nothing for the Romanians”, “with the second round of the fight over gravy”.

“Orban now doles out plum positions to the National Liberal Party’s branches, while the Romanians’ living standards are plunging dramatically. Pharmacies are in danger of running out of essential treatments for patients, after the state has delayed payment for medicines by even as much as 150 days. The tax authority kicked off the hunt of debtors right on New Year’s Eve, and now wants to tax the state aid received by the Romanians during the pandemic. Millions of Romanians saw their energy bills go higher because the PNL government didn’t bother to define the vulnerable consumer by law. At the command of uber-Premier Iohannis, who runs the submissive Cabinet like his menials, this lineup of con rulers is driving the country straight into the abyss,” PSD claims.

Prime Minister Florin Citu (photo) stated on Friday that some fake news has been circulating for several days about a letter of the European Commission to the Ministry of Finance, explaining that the document is in English and this is a “barrier” for the PSD.

“For me, the election campaign is over, but it seems that not everyone considers the same. A piece of fake news has been around for several days now about an EC letter to the Romanian Ministry of Finance. There is only one explanation for this fake news. The letter is in English, and for PSD this is clearly a barrier,” Citu wrote on Facebook.

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