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October 1, 2022

Gheorghita: Appointment platform for the second stage of vaccination will be operational from January 15

The chairman of the National Committee for the Coordination of Activities on Vaccination Against SARS-CoV-2, Dr. Valeriu Gheorghita, announced on Tuesday that the appointment platform for the second stage of vaccination will be operational from January 15, 3:00 p.m.

“Regarding the appointment manner, the platform will be ready on January 15, and from 3:00 pm it will be possible to start the appointment of persons for the second stage in the vaccination centers that will be prepared. The appointment manner will be for people over the age of 65. The appointments can be made individually, they can be done through the family doctor, or they can be done through call center services, and here, as a novelty, we will have a phone number, at national level – 021 414 44 25. By calling this number, the calls will be taken in the 42 call centers distributed in each county. Another appointment manner can be done through the directorate of social assistance in the town halls or through the relatives, who can open an account and register up to a maximum of 10 people from the same family,” Gheorghita said at the Victoria Governmental Palace.

According to him, the second stage will include at the same time both people who are at risk for severe forms, people aged over 65 with chronic diseases, as well as people who serve essential activities.

For people who are registered with chronic diseases under the age of 65, he added, the appointment is made “correctly through the family doctor.”

“If the person does not have access to a family doctor or does not have a family doctor, appointments can be made through the call center service, individually, on the website, through the social assistance department or through tutors,” Gheorghita added.

For persons serving essential activities, the appointment may be made through the employer and also, when the employer registers the persons employed or in a service contract for those essential activities, the beneficiary may establish, after validated by the employer, the day and the center where he/she wants to go to get vaccinated, said Dr. Valeriu Gheorghita.


134,000 Romanians have been vaccinated against COVID; 468 adverse reactions


So far, 134,000 people have been vaccinated in Romania, with 468 side effects recorded, the head of the vaccination campaign against SARS-CoV-2, doctor Valeriu Gheorghita, reported on Tuesday.


“By the end of yesterday, there were about 125,190 people vaccinated. Today, at 12.00 pm, more than 9,000 people were vaccinated. A total of 468 adverse effects were recorded, of which 191 local and about 277 were systemic adverse reactions. In terms of the number of losses, we are talking about 272 doses, which represents 0.16% of the number of distributed doses,” doctor Gheorghita told a press conference at the Victoria Palace.

He recalled that the fourth tranche of vaccines had been received on Monday, with a total of 450,450 doses received.

“About 160,980 doses were distributed. Basically, they went from the storage centres to the vaccination centres and more than 134,000 doses were made; basically, there have been 134,000 people vaccinated,” said doctor Gheorghita.


BioNTech/Pfizer’s anti-COVID vaccine vials to include 6 doses instead of 5


The European Medicines Agency has authorized BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine vials with 6 doses instead of 5, head of the National Committee for coordination of activities regarding vaccination against SARS-CoV-2, doctor Valeriu Gheorghita, informed on Tuesday.

“An important information I received around noon: the European Medicines Agency authorized the 6-dose version. Basically, during the day I received a notification from BioNTech/Pfizer saying that, starting tomorrow, the stocks will be updated, and instead of 5 doses, as it is now provided per vial, we will speak of 6 doses,” doctor Gheorghita told a press conference held at Victoria Palace.

In terms of the related information campaign, he said there were more than one million unique users registered at this point on the national information platform and also more than 2 million visits recorded on the “Pro-vaccination” Facebook page.

Valeriu Gheorghita also said that, according to data received from the Romanian Office of the WHO, there has been recorded an increase in the intention to vaccinate to about 50 per cent, compared to what was initially estimated, and about 11 per cent of people currently want to postpone or hesitate when it comes to taking a decision related to vaccination.

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