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December 9, 2022

HealthMin Voiculescu: The pandemic can be stopped by vaccination in six to nine months

Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu underlined on Monday that the pandemic can be stopped by vaccination in six to nine months and that, in order to earn time, the imposed sanitary rules must be observed.

“By following the rules, we can earn time and save the lives of the most vulnerable, and we will get rid of it by vaccination. It is the first time we have a real chance, a hope that, in a defined time, somehow defined, we can talk about six to nine months, we could get rid of this pandemic.Think about how you saw things in March last year! Then we all thought it would be short-lived, but if someone told you that next winter it would be worse … Think about how you would have received the news then that there was a vaccine and that there was an escape! Wouldn’t you have said: ‘Let it come faster and let us do things as soon as possible?’,” the minister stated on Antena 3 TV station.

Asked about the possibility of opening the schools on February 8, Voiculescu said that he wants this, but currently he cannot give an answer.

“I, like most of us, if not all my colleagues in the Government, want to go towards the reopening of schools as soon as possible and not only of schools, but also of restaurants, cafes and other entities. We can do that only under safe conditions. And if we can do that on February 8 or later, we still cannot tell you. We cannot tell you because we don’t know either, we don’t have the numbers yet. We are waiting to see how the number of cases evolves in the near future”, Vlad Voiculescu said.


Second stage includes people aged over 65, those with chronic diseases


The National Coordination Committee of Activities on Vaccination against COVID-19 (CNCAV) states that the second stage includes the population at risk, represented by people aged over 65 and those registered with chronic diseases, regardless of age, depending on the indications of the vaccines used.

According to a CNCAV release issued Monday, according to current scientific evidence, the category of “chronic diseases” includes any of the following diseases: diabetes, obesity, other metabolic diseases, including congenital, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, oncological diseases, pulmonary, neurological disorders, including Down syndrome, moderate / severe liver disease, autoimmune disorders, severe immunosuppression: transplant patients, with prior medical consultation, patients undergoing biological therapy or long-term therapy with corticosteroids, patients infected with HIV.

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Photo: www.gov.ro

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