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May 23, 2022

Prominent cultural figures, decorated by President Iohannis on National Culture Day

President Klaus Iohannis decorated on Friday, on the occasion of the National Culture Day, several public institutions, private cultural operators and figures in Romanian culture.

“The awards granted today to some public institutions, some private cultural operators or independent artists honor the dedication and creativity proven by the cultural sector in maintaining an active relationship between culture and the audience, for finding solutions to the constraints of the pandemic. In the war against the virus, through your efforts and involvement, the muses were not silent! The fact that, on the National Culture Day, you are receiving the gratitude of the Romanian state for the contribution you brought to the arts is an added expression of the appreciation you enjoy,” said the head of state, at the decoration ceremony, which took place at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He conveyed a message of “warm solidarity” to all artists, creators, cultural institutions, cultural operators from all artistic fields, as well as the Romanian cultural audience.

“Today’s significance brings new value in the current pandemic context, especially when looking at it through your efforts, creators and cultural operators, given last year’s hard conditions. In 2020, we all realized just how important culture is in our lives and how much it matters our direct contact with the arts. Numerous creators were in the painful situation not to be able to express themselves in front of the audience that loves them because of the pandemic. The contribution of the cultural sector to the global balance of the Romanian society, especially during this difficult period, is very important,” Iohannis said.

He highlighted his concern in finding better solutions for supporting the cultural sector, saying that it has been one of the most sorely tested in this “dramatic” period. The head of state also specified that he granted High Patronage to the 25th edition of the George Enescu International Festival.

President Iohannis reminded that a year ago he asked the political forces for a strategic framework and to establish priorities and objectives for modernizing the cultural infrastructure.

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the necessity and urgency of such an action. It can no longer be delayed, it must be and can be taken to the end by current governing, in order to produce beneficial effects of which the audience can enjoy and the Romanian culture in its entirety. I will get actively involved, so that the promises can be transformed into reality by those able to bring the necessary investments to the cultural act, the competitive and non-discriminatory access to the sector’s resources, a coherent legal framework, both in the heritage area, as well as the functioning of cultural institutions,” Iohannis said.

The head of state also added that 2021 gives us hope to go back to normalcy and highlighted that culture has a real potential in improving the quality of life.

“It is the wealth of each and every one us and the vital resource of our society as a whole,” Iohannis declared, according to Agerpres.

The Minister of Culture, Bogdan Gheorghiu also took part in the ceremony.

President Klaus Iohannis granted the “Cultural Merit” Order, Commander, B Category – “Music”, to the Sibiu Public Philarmonic; “Cultural Merit” Order, Comandor, D Category – “Art of the show” to the Bucharest Comedy Theatre, the “Mihai Eminescu” National Theatre in Timisoara, the National Operetta and Ballet Theatre “Oleg Danovski” in Constanta and the “Ion Dacian” National Operetta and Ballet Theater of Bucharest. The “Cultural Merit” Order, Officer, D Category – “Art of the Show” to the Bucharest Childrens’ Comedy Opera; The “Cultural Merit” Order, in the rank of Knight, D Category – “The Art of the Show” to the “UNTEATRU” Association. The “Cultural Merit” Order, Comandor rank, E Category – “National Cultural Heritage” to the Romanian National Art Museum”; “The Cultural Merit” Order, in rank of Knight, E Category – “National Cultural Heritage”, to the Monumentum and Mioritics Associations; The “Cultural Merit” Order, Officer rank, F Category – “Promoting Culture”, to the National Art Center “Romanian Youth”, the “Cultural Merit” Order, Knight rank, F Category – “Promoting Culture” of the Cluj Cultural Center.

These distinctions were conferred as a sign of “appreciation for the important contribution made to the cultural development of our country, for the dedication poured in the process of educating the public of all ages, proving excellence at national and international level”.

Furthermore, as a sign of “high appreciation for the special contribution, throughout his entire activity in promoting the Romanian culture and national identity”, the head of state granted the “Faithful Service” National Order, officer Rank to writer Alexandru Stefanescu, and as a sign of “high appreciated for the important contribution, throughout his entire activity, in promoting the Romanian culture and national identity – the “For Merit” National Order, Officer rank, to graphic designer Panzaru Mihai (PIM).

In sign of “appreciation for the important contribution throughout the entire activity, promoting the Romanian culture and national identity”, president Iohannis offered the “Cultural Merit” Order, Knight rank, A Category – “Literature” to writer Radu Feldman Alexandru and Aurel Pantea, “Cultural Merit” Order, Knight rank – H Category – “Scientific research”, to university professor Dumitru Bortun.

The head of state also offered as a “sign of appreciation for the contribution of promoting the Romanian culture and national identity”, the “Cultural Merit” medal, IIIrd class, C Category – “Fine Arts” to curator Ioana Ciocan, CEO of the Bucharest Art Pavilion – Art Safari; The “Cultural Merit” Medal, IIIrd Class, F Category – “Promoting Culture”, to founder and festival director ARTmania Sibiu, Codruta Vulcu, vicechairman of the Romanian Association of Concert and Cultural Events Organizers; writer Chris Simion-Mercurian, general director of Carturesti, Radu Serban and art historian Kessler Erwin – director of the Museum of Recent Art.

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