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October 7, 2022

8th edition of Fuckup Nights Bucharest to be held online on January 28

Avi Cicirean – the founder of Brand Minds, one of the biggest events in Europe, media and technology expert Dragoș Stanca, Oana Rotariu – business analyst and Collective survivor, the famous judge Cristi Danileț, and the entrepreneur Veronica Soare are the guests of this edition

Oana Rotariu – business analyst and Colectiv survivor; Avi Cicirean – founder of Brand Minds Europe; Dragoș Stanca – founder of Upgrade 100, co-owner of Thinkdigital and president of BRAT, Veronica Soare – storyteller and founder of KaleidoLove and Cristi Danileț – judge, specialized in criminal matters are guests of the 8th edition of Fuckup Nights Bucharest.

Their career stories can be heard on Thursday, January 28th, 2021, starting at 19:00, online, on ZOOM.

Fuckup Nights brings a constructive perspective on professional failures, encouraging learning from difficult situations, thus facilitating creativity.

“An extremely challenging year has just ended. We had to reconfigure our route, change our perspective on things, see what squeaks and how we can do more with less. And it is precisely about this type of reconfigurations that we find the stories at this type of event. I am looking forward to listening to the professional lessons from the five fantastic people who will break the ice of the events of Fuckup Nights Bucharest 2021. Lessons that we do not find in textbooks, lessons that surprise us when we choose not to stand aside and risk self-challenge”, says Diana Iosu, organizer of Fuckup Nights Bucharest.

Also at this edition, the moderator will be the radio and television journalist Iulia Nagy.

Talking about failure is not good in theory, but I think it is good. So, for the first edition of FUN,  2021, I  have prepared a special offer, two in one – like conditioner shampoo: I will talk about two successive and somewhat similar failures, in one project: a business and life lesson that -I would have liked to have known it 10 years ago, says the entrepreneur Dragoș Stanca, co-owner of the Thinkdigital network and agency, founder of the Upgrade 100 platform (former iCEE.fest) and president of BRAT.

„Finding your destiny” will be the theme of Avi Cicireans presentation, the founder of Brand Minds, one of the largest business events in Europe. I want to share with you the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned, he said.

Veronica Soare, storyteller and founder of KaleidoLove, kaleidoscope workshops, states that: Any fuck-up is a disguised lesson. You choose how you look at it and what you learn from it.

Judge Cristi Dănileț found out “on his responsibility” the importance of diplomacy: “A statement about judicial corruption brought me a disciplinary investigation, and a statement about zoophilia attracted me dozens of articles and negative comments on social media. In time, I learned to take back the urge to be ironic or sarcastic. Sometimes it even comes out”.

Oana Rotariu, agile business analyst & scrum master, will teach us how to be the best version of ourselves: “To succeed in life and discover your true self, that thing that motivates you and will lead you to the heights of success, you must first feel disconnected from your body, soul, and mind, from what you wanted most. In short, you have to fall to get up and reach your true potential”.

Fuckup Nights Bucharest, part of the series of events that take place globally, targets equally small and big entrepreneurs, corporate people, professionals, and students. This rapidly expanding global movement promotes, through the power of the speakers’ example, the constructive conclusions drawn from professional failures.

The events are now taking place in 320 cities in 90 countries around the world. Speakers from different areas of interest such as business, culture, entertainment, sports, etc. are invited to each edition, who briefly informally tell their career stories.



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