Several members of the Cabinet get vaccinated against COVID-19, say immunization is the only way to get out of the pandemic

Several members of the Citu Cabinet were vaccinated on Wednesday against COVID-19 at the vaccination center of the “Dr. Carol Davila” Central Military Emergency University Hospital.

Subsequently, the first dose of vaccine was received by Defence Minister Nicolae Ciuca and Justice Minister Stelian Ion.

The second stage of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign started last Friday, the first vaccinated in this stage having been President Klaus Iohannis.


Deputy PM Kelemen: I am sure vaccination will help us return to normal life


Deputy Prime Minister Kelemen Hunor, leader of UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania), on Wednesday said, after being vaccinated, that he was convinced only through vaccination can this stage of the pandemic be overcome and all of us will be able to return to a normal life.

“I also came to vaccination when it was my turn, and I am convinced that through vaccination we can overcome this stage of the pandemic and, slowly, we can return to our normal life,” Hunor said.

He recommends Romanians to register and go for vaccinations, because there is no danger and only then will people be safe.

“I recommend everyone to sign up and go to the vaccination. There is no danger, it is a modern vaccine, it is a new type of vaccine and we will all be safe, we will protect each other if we get vaccinated,” he said.


Deputy PM Barna: Vaccine is the only way out of pandemic


Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna on Wednesday said, after being vaccinated against COVID-19, that the vaccine is the only way to get out of the pandemic.


He said the vaccine was safe and necessary and advised everyone to go and get vaccinated.

“It is the only way we can – we hope this year – get out of the logic of the pandemic and get back into the natural logic of a normal developing country. The vaccine is safe, it is necessary. I recommend it to everyone: go get vaccinated!,” said Barna.


Adrian Oros: Anti-COVID vaccination, only realistic solution to protect us


Agriculture Minister Adrian Oros said on Wednesday after having been vaccinated against COVID-19 that immunization, along with other measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus, was the only “realistic” solution.

He urged all citizens to get vaccinated.

“I believe that this is the only realistic solution to protect us, along with all restrictions on the movement and spread of the virus. I urge all citizens to come to their vaccination appointments hoping that very soon we’ll get rid of the health and economic consequences,” Oros said.


ForMin Aurescu: I ask you to decide to get vaccinated so you can hug your parents, grandparents


Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said on Wednesday after getting vaccinated against COVID-19, that all Romanians should do it, because that is the only way they can “kiss and hug their parents and grandparents” and move across the border carefree.

“Last month I lost my mother. She did not die of COVID-19, but of another condition. Throughout her professional life, Mom worked in medical research. She often faced dangerous bacteria and viruses and I learned from her and the books I had at home how beneficial vaccines are to public health. I have suffered a lot because of the loss of my mother, but I suffered more the year and before my mother died because I couldn’t hug and kiss her, so I ask you all to please decide to get vaccinated, because that way you’ll be able to kiss and hug without your parents and grandparents without a worry,” Aurescu said.

He added that vaccination provides the only possible way to travel abroad safely.

“That way we will all be healthy and we will be able to travel across borders without a worry and I assure you that, as far as the Foreign Ministry (MAE) is concerned, we will do everything in our power to ensure the smooth travel of Romanian citizens abroad. Thank you and I ask everyone once again to get vaccinated, “Aurescu concluded.


Alexandru Nazare: Vaccination is essential premise for returning to normalcy


Vaccination is an essential premise for returning to normalcy and for economic recovery, Finance Minister Alexandru Nazare said on Wednesday after being vaccinated against COVID-19.

He urged the population to get vaccinated.

“I got the vaccine today. It was easy, it was simple. It doesn’t hurt. Vaccination is an essential premise for returning to normalcy and for the resumption of economic activity and, first of all, for economic recovery. So, I recommend, I urge you: come with confidence to get vaccinated!,” Nazare said.


IntMin Bode: I got vaccinated with confidence as the only way to get rid of this pandemic


Interior Minister Lucian Bode said on Wednesday that he let him get vaccinated with confidence in science, as vaccination is the only way to get rid of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and return to a normal life.

“I let myself get vaccinated with a sense of trust, confidence in science, because I consider that the only way to get rid of this pandemic, I trust that we are on the right track toward regaining our right to a normal life, to life we used to have before this pandemic,” Bode said.

He added that a rapid return to normalcy depends on the number of people who will get vaccinated.

“The decision to get vaccinated belongs to every citizen, but the number of those who will get vaccinated depends very much on whether the return to normalcy will be a quick one or a slower one. I urge all Romanians to get vaccinated, regardless of whether they have contacted this disease or they experienced the disease as I did,” added the minister.


Transport Minister Drula: The safest way to return to normal life is to get vaccinated


The Minister of Transport, Catalin Drula, on Wednesday said, after being vaccinated against COVID-19, that immunization is the safest way to restore normal life.

“We have been fighting this SARS-CoV-2 virus for almost a year now, a virus that has affected our health system, put pressure on our hospitals, affected our economy. It also hit very hard the field that I manage, because without travel, without transportation, companies that have lost revenues are affected, and it affected us personally, our relatives, friends. And the safest way to overcome this period … and become stronger, to rebuild our economy, to return to the normal life that we had before is vaccination,” the Minister said.

Drula urged Romanians to get vaccinated.

“I urge all Romanians to get vaccinated, to come out of this challenge together as a stronger society. (…) It is a very simple process, but one that will help us return to normalcy,” the Minister said.


DefMin Ciuca: I got vaccinated because that is the only way can we end this pandemic


After getting a COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, Defence Minister Nicolae Ciuca said that vaccination is the only way to end the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

He added that the vaccine is safe.

“I got vaccinated because I am convinced that is the only way can we end this pandemic and that is why I am convinced that this vaccine is a safe one that can help me and through my gesture I am convinced that I can help everyone around. I am convinced that this way we can protect our family, friends and all those with whom we interact, and I believe that it is an ethical step to respect the effort made by all state institutions involved in the fight against the pandemic,” Ciuca added.

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