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October 6, 2022

Health Ministry launches brochure with useful information about vaccination against COVID-19

The Ministry of Health launches a brochure with useful information about vaccination against COVID-19, in order to support family doctors and doctors in general.

According to a press release of the Ministry of Health, the brochure includes answers to more than 30 questions received from doctors, including the effectiveness of the vaccine, the safety of vaccination for people with chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases or cancer and contraindications to vaccination for patients with various diseases.

“Family doctors and doctors in general are vital to a successful vaccination campaign. They are the closest to patients and can help them make informed decisions. The views of the specialist committees that contributed to this brochure confirm that vaccination is safe, effective and is the only way in which we can stop the pandemic together. The medical material is written in collaboration with the specialized committees of the Ministry of Health. We believe that it will be a support for doctors who receive questions about vaccination from patients or who themselves have questions they do not have found answers to,” said doctor Andreea Moldovan, Secretary of State with the Ministry of Health, quoted in the press release.

The brochure will be sent to family doctors and can be downloaded from the Website of the Ministry of Health, at http://www.ms.ro/brosura-medici-vaccinarea-covid-19-ms/.

The Allergology and Clinical Immunology Committee, the Oncology Committee, the Hematology Committee, the Endocrinology Committee, the Cardiology Committee and the Dermatovenerology Committee of the Ministry of Health contributed to the design of the brochure.

Via Agerpres

Photo: Facebook/Ministerul Sanatatii

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