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October 5, 2022

Matei Bals hospital fire : Scene investigation, police hearings continue. Another patient in the pavilion affected by “Matei Bals” fire has died

A joint team of prosecutors, criminal police officers and explosive specialists from INSEMEX Petrosani is continuing today a scene investigation into a deadly fire that broke out at a ward of the Matei Bals hospital in Bucharest where COVID-19 -patients were treated.

According to judicial sources, the Homicide Service of the Bucharest Police is resuming today hearings of witnesses, with healthcare staff, and relatives of the victims expected to testify.

Two of the fire victims whose bodies got charred remained to be identified at the local National Legal Medicine Institute (INML).

The investigators are also checking the fire protection services, maintenance of the electrical installation and security at the hospital.

In this case, the prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal case in rem for culpable homicide.

The fire at the Matei Bals hospital broke out on Friday, around 05:00hrs, EE, on the ground floor of a ward where COVID-19 patients were hospitalised. Three patients got charred to death and a fourth one died after resuscitation failed. Later, another person was found dead in a bathroom and a 70-year-old man died on Saturday after being transferred to the Bucharest University Hospital. On Sunday, a 67-year-old woman died. She had been admitted to the upper floor of the ward where the fire broke out and was transferred to an ICU section of the hospital.


Another patient in the pavilion affected by “Matei Bals” fire has died


Another patient from the “Matei Bals” Institute, who was in the V pavilion of the medical unit, where the fire broke out, on an upper floor, has died, the Ministry of Health informed on Monday.

“The Ministry of Health received, a few moments ago, from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases” Matei Bals,” the confirmation of a new death among the patients receiving medical care in this institution. The patient is an 87-year-old man “who was hospitalized in the V pavilion of the hospital, on a higher floor. He was diagnosed with a severe form of SARS-CoV-2 infection and had multiple comorbidities,” the source said.

According to the same source, the completion of the forensic investigation “can establish the causes of the patient’s death.”

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