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May 23, 2022

Sanitas’ Barascu: If Government doesn’t cancel wage freeze, we will at some point invade Victoria Square

The Sanitas Federation will hold demonstrations in Victoria Square with a much higher number of participants than the 100 persons currently permitted by law, if the Government publishes a budget in which the salaries of the public workers for the current year remain frozen, the president of the Sanitas Federation, Leonard Barascu, told AGERPRES on Monday during the rally organized by the trade union organization in front of the Government’s headquarters.

“In that case we’ll still be on the street. Maybe we can find other ways, because this hundred people we can take to the street we are going to break it, even if we have to fight the law, that’s it, we’re going to be in the street as many people as possible. We’re going to come to this square at some point to prove to them that things are not as they say. We have no other choice. We’re here from all over the country, people coming from hundreds of kilometers away to say they’re not well,” Leonard Barascu said.

On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the establishment of the Sanitas Federation, several dozen union members from several counties participated in a rally in front of the Government’s venue, asking the Executive to grant the salary increases foreseen for 2021, to report the increases to the basic salary paid for all employees in the health care system and to grant the risk incentive for social care employees.

The leader of the trade union organization criticized the statements made by Prime Minister Florin Citu after the fire at the Matei Bals Epidemiologic Institute, who said that 95 pct of the financial resources allocated last year to the medical system were spent on salaries and bonuses.

“We have seen the Prime Minister’s statements about the high salaries in the system – offensive, embarrassing statements. These salaries in the system are too low for what we do. And they have to understand that this money doesn’t make us either plumbers or electricians, because we don’t know what’s going on in a wall or a short circuit that has nothing to do with us. All the time this money is highlighted – the money is taxed, the Romanian state has approved it, it is given to us by the Romanian state, it is worthy, and now they come and say that there is too much money. That’s not true. It’s offensive. It might be true for others, but it’s not true for the health care system. They are not able to pass a law by which the child of the dead receive a pension,” said Leonard Barascu.

Photo: Facebook/Sanitas

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