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October 5, 2022

Tradus: June is the best month to purchase tractors

  • The tractor: the most searched agricultural equipment in Romania
  • Almost 80% of Romanians that looked for agricultural equipment showed interest in tractors


Tradus.com, the global marketplace for used commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery, analyzed consumer behavior on the platform in 2020 and concluded that the best time to buy agricultural equipment is summer, because the interest of users is at a minimum, which also attracts the probability of finding better prices. On the other hand, the interest of the users is at its maximum in January, October and November, when farmers are preparing for the next season.


June is the best month to invest in tractors


In terms of demand, tractors form the largest agricultural machine category on Tradus, being most frequently clicked on or searched for on the platform: 79% of the Romanians that looked for agricultural equipment on the website last year were interested in tractors.

The analysis shows that June is the best time to invest in a tractor, as the demand is lower during this month: only 65% of Romanian agriculture buyers visiting the platform in June looked at tractors, compared with over 80% in January, March, November or December. September and August were another two good months for buying, as interest was under 70%.



When to invest in specialized equipment?


Interest for specialized equipment varies during the year and it’s highly influenced by the season. Tradus data specialists think that the best time to invest is during the months with lower demand, as there are higher chances to find a good offer. Buyers can use ‘Tradus Market Value’, a unique price comparison tool that enables them to easily find the most favorable offer and make the best choice for their needs.

Most of the categories registered lower interest in the summer: for the planting/sowing category, a drop in demand was seen in July and August, making it a great moment to invest. Fertilizer applicators also registered the lowest demand at the end of summer, while for tillage equipment interest was lowest both in the summer and in December. Hay/forage equipment registered the lowest demand by the end of the year.

For harvesting equipment, the largest specialized category in terms of interest (8.6%), demand is lowest in April: in 2020, only 4.3% of Romanian buyers were looking for this type of equipment in April, compared to over 11% in June and over 14% in July.

Tradus expects these trends to be similar in 2021. With around 37,500 offers of used agricultural machines, Tradus is one of the largest marketplaces and a specialist in this segment.

To perform the analysis, Tradus specialists used as an indicator the percentage share of the page views of individual machine categories, within the total page views in the field of agriculture.


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