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October 1, 2022

Telekom Romania announces the commercial offers dedicated to the love season

  • Nelimitat M mobile subscription with unlimited 4G internet, unlimited national minutes and SMS with 50% discount in the first 12 months from the port in;
  • Smartphones in installments on the Telekom invoice, without bank credit, without interest and without downpayment;
  • Freedom 5 subscription, dedicated to entrepreneurs, with 50% discount in the first 12 months.



80% of the Romanians who ported into Telekom Romania’s network say that they are now more satisfied than before with the quality-price ratio offered by their mobile subscription, show the results of the most recent survey conducted by the company, on a batch of 1000 new customers, nationally representative. In addition, over 70% of those who ported their mobile number at Telekom say they now save on their bills, compared to how much they previously paid for the same benefits.

Among the benefits appreciated by the new Telekom customers, which determined them to end the relationship with the previous suppliers and port their mobile number to Telekom, are the unlimited volume of mobile data, the minutes and SMS included in the subscriptions, the quality-price ratio of the Telekom subscriptions, the quality of the Telekom mobile network (mobile coverage and signal) and the quality of the interaction with the company’s employees.

The customers’ appreciation for Telekom Romania services is also highlighted by the porting results for 2020, announced by the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania (ANCOM), according to which Telekom Romania group of companies ranked second, for the third consecutive year, in the portability top with more than 237,170 mobile phone numbers ported into the network.

In order for more and more Romanians to be able to enjoy unlimited internet, unlimited national minutes and SMS and a quality-price ratio that will satisfy them, Telekom Romania announces the commercial offers dedicated to the love season. Thus, those who will port into the company’s network, starting today, February 8th, 2021, will be able to purchase the Nelimitat M subscription with a 50% discount in the first 12 months, for which they will pay only 3 euros/month, VAT included.

Customers can also opt for the purchase of a mobile phone in installments on the Telekom bill, without bank credit, without interest and without downpayment. They can choose, for example, between Samsung Galaxy A21s and Huawei P smart 2021, with installments of only 6 euros/month, VAT included, available together with the Nelimitat M subscription, for which they benefit from a 50% discount in the first 12 months.

“The results achieved last year show that we have managed efficiently the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic, that we have had the courage and that we have embraced change for the benefit of our customers. We have gradually evolved and simplified our portfolio, in order to better meet the requirements of Romanians in terms of telecommunications services. We continue to respect the commitment made to our customers, to whom we propose offers with real, unlimited benefits, at a quality-price ratio that will satisfy them. The Nelimitat M mobile subscription is such a product, which meets the requirements of customers, offering real advantages to those who port into Telekom’s network and a price that saves them from the frustrations generated by the costs of telecommunications services. In a constantly changing world, we must make wise choices that make us happy”, said Andreas Elsner, Chief Commercial Officer, Residential Segment, Telekom Romania.

More information about the commercial offers is available on www.telekom.ro.

In the desire to continue supporting them with the best solutions dedicated to business continuity, entrepreneurs who choose to port into Telekom’s network, opting for the Freedom 5 subscription, will benefit from 4G internet and unlimited national minutes, with a 50% discount on the subscription cost in the first 12 months, a press release issued by the company informs.


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