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September 30, 2022

PSD’s Ciolacu: Citu Gov’t comes with budget of shame, austerity and underdevelopment

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Marcel Ciolacu said on Friday that the Citu Government had proposed a budget of “shame, austerity and underdevelopment” and advised the Government to take the draft budget prepared by the social-democrats and come with it to Parliament, to “stop the disaster” in which they will plunge Romania.

“The same money, different visions! The Citu Government has come with a budget of shame, austerity and underdevelopment. With a budget negotiated not according to Romania’s priorities, but according to who was more vociferous in the Coalition. They did exactly as Citu said last year: Health and Education are not a priority, they do not matter. We now see that Romanian producers and Romanian companies do not matter either. Not even the incomes of those who work or are now retired! All that matters was who got their hand faster in the treasury to take their share to feed their clientele,” Ciolacu wrote on Facebook.

He brought to mind that PSD has proposed a draft budget in which, with the same money, it has demonstrated that employees’ incomes and child allowances can be increased, the Health budget can be upped to fight the pandemic as soon as possible, to which one could add the investment in children’s education.

“In short, with exactly the same money, the purchasing power of Romanians can be protected, the Romanian business environment can be supported and investments can be made in large infrastructure projects to restart the economy. This is the difference! They are able to offer development only to their clientele. For the rest, that is, for the vast majority of Romanians, only austerity. Take the draft budget prepared by PSD! Come with it to Parliament! You can still stop the disaster in which you plunge Romania,” Ciolacu wrote.

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